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Speaking to Leadership, Management or Staff Teams within Business, Christian Ministry or the Education Sector, Churches, Connect Groups, Retreats


About Mark and Helen

Helen Goatley BA, Dip Ed, Dip Theol, is a inspirational thought provoking keynote speaker and trainer who carries a huge heart for God. Her personal love for Jesus infectiously permeates Helen’s teaching. Helen loves expanding people with hope and encouragement into a deeper encounter with the Presence of God and their destiny. Helen brings with her over 20 years of experience in Education, Anthropology and Leadership, including study under Dr Brene Brown of University of Houston.

Mark Goatley  Dip Theol, is a story teller and holds enormous insight and heart to help people walk in and embrace their destiny personally and corporately. Mark carries an Apostolic anointing, he has a wonderful way of sharing the Biblical message of Rest and Presence. Mark’s expertise is in Leadership and Business, carrying many years in Executive Management.

Mark & Helen are the Founders and Directors of All4Him The Tabernacle an International Christian Ministry focused on inspiring and providing training for Groups, Leadership, Management or Staff Teams within Business, Christian Ministry or the Education Sectors. 

Mark and Helen provide Professional Consultancy in the Christian, Education and Business sectors.

Helen has set up an online Training School  with students from all over the world. These e-Courses equip people to cultivate spiritual, emotional & relational transformation in their lives. 

Helen is the Author and Instructor of the well sort after Living Courage Series and Experiencing the Presence of God Series. This training she offers Live and Online 

Why do they do what they do? Because Mark and Helen believe this is a big moment in history. They believe in a big God who makes bigs people to partner with Him in bringing His Kingdom on earth.

Mark and Helen align themselves with Bethel Church Redding, USA and part of the Bethel Leaders Network.

In 1997, Helen and Mark stepped into full time Christian Ministry, beginning in Pastoral work then with Wycliffe Bible Translators and YWAM. With their son, they have lived in Europe, Australia, Israel and USA. 



Mark and Helen’s reputation as speakers is built on their rich deep connection of being lovers of God’s Presence. They bring tremendous honesty and insight as thought leaders, story tellers and have a rare ability to inspire and move audiences leaving them with actionable change. They love to bless people!

Topics they love to speak on include:

* The Goodness and Presence of God

* Courage

* The Power of Connection – increasing your emotional and relational capabilities

* Building Shame/Honor Resilience personally and corporately

* Building Cultures of Faith

* Leadership Development

* The Power of Intercession and Worship

* Understanding the Times and Seasons we are in

* Developing Cultures of Honor as a lifestyle

* Power of Story

* Rising strong in Destiny and Identity

* What is and how to hear the voice of God – developing the prophetic gift


What others have said

“Incredibly anointed contemporary teachers and teachings!”

” The passion that exuded from Mark and Helen. Their teaching is inspiring, challenging and so encouraging. There is a depth in which Mark and Helen present and a whole genuineness.”

“Mark and Helen are two beautiful people. They are authentic and carry the presence of God tangibly.”

“Their heart for people and the Scriptures is so amazing!”


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