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Training to build big people for a big time with a big God

Experiencing the Presence of God Series

Experience a whole new level of God's Presence. Learn how you can practice the Presence of God, recognizing and partnering with how He connects with you.

Living Courage Series

In our most popular training series, transform the way you live, love others, and lead. Essential Professional Development for anyone in Business, HealthCare, Education, Life Coaching or Faith Communities.

Advanced 6 Day Guide to Pioneering Your Prophetic Words

We are in a very exciting time on the earth! We have unprecedented opportunities to arise and shine. Prophetic Pioneers are those that God has chosen to send ahead to bring the new. This is the essence of prophesy. Learn the processes of pioneering your prophetic words through the life of Joseph

Discernment and Intercession Workshop

Many believe that the greatest and most urgent need right now is for the Gift of Discernment. Practical training on how to develop in the gifts of Discernment and Intercession. This is a vital training if you want to develop in the Prophetic Gift.

Transformational Supernatural Leadership Membership

You are a leader! Many of us don’t think of ourselves as great leaders. We may not have been taught how to be leaders or think like leaders. But that's just the thing, no matter where or what season you are in, others watch you, others are inspired by you. Every time you speak out faith, every time you operate in hope, you are leading.

Industry Awards

Living Courage #1 - How to Live the Power of Vulnerability rating

Spiritual Consultation

This is a specialized space for you to grow, sort, be as you journey in connecting with the Presence of God, develop your Spiritual Intelligence and pursue life dreams and goals. Ideal for meeting your Professional Development requirements for those in Education, Business or Leadership.

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