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In a climate of extreme change where God is doing unprecedented things and our world is moving a faster speed, our capacity to live courageously is vital. Living courageously is one of the greatest needs and challenges of our day. What does living with courage look like especially in a highly saturated shame culture and how do we maintain this? What is courage and how do we create resilience to shame and fear to live fully alive? How do we do this personally or corporately?

This is an invitation to carve out a ONE DAY or 4 WEEK investment. By the end, you will be inspired and equipped practically for the journey of living courage spiritually, relationally and emotionally as you pursue your destiny.

Living Courage consists of four modules which build on each other or can stand alone as individual workshops. The four modules are: The Power of Connection, Building Shame/Honor Resilience, Living Emotionally Intelligent, Courage vs Fear.

Living Courage is the result of the research of Dr Brene Brown, Dr Curt Thompson, Dr Caroline Leaf and Rev Danny Silk.

Ideal for Leadership, Management or Staff Teams within Business, Christian Ministry or the Education Sector and Connect groups. All we need is a minimum group size of 10 plus covering our travel expenses.


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What others have said..
“I would personally like to endorse Helen Goatley’s presentation on shame and culture shift in our society. It was incredibly insightful and you will go away with many things to think about on how these vital issues relate to your situation or organisation. Helen is engaging and enthusiastic – you will not be disappointed.”  David Wake, Deputy CEO, Wycliffe Bible Translators, Australia.

“Taking part in the Living Courage course with Helen marked some of the most transformative and insightful processes I have had with God in my journey with Him thus far. I have been particularly impacted by understanding the role that shame and honour has played in my life, and challenged to practice love unconditionally as a result of understanding how un-confessed shame erodes the quality of the love that God has called us to. This course awakened me to a new method of communicating with others, particularly in the realm of evangelism, as the Gospel can penetrate a shame culture and bring the Spirit’s freedom to Australians struggling with their own identity. Personally, I feel that I now understand how to better love myself in a way that empowers me to love others more as a result of exposing shame-based thinking and replacing it with courageous, loving and faithful thought processes! Thank you, Helen!” Chris MacLeod, Church Planter and Pastor, Australia.

“Helen displays a wealth of knowledge on how shame and fear affect relationships and individuals. Her presentation was insightful, developing the connection between Sociological research on shame and vulnerability and the spiritual impact on individuals, communities and nations. She worked with our group of women articulating the problems currently facing our culture and indicating a number of ways forward into resilience, wholeheartedness and courage.” Jo Evans, Church Planter and Senior Leadership Team, Red Church, Australia.

”Key to a church leader’s health and effectiveness in Kingdom work is the understanding and management of self and others. The Living Courage workshop provided me with profound insight and practical tools that I have drawn upon again and again in my work. I feel better able to identify vulnerability and to know how to lead others and myself towards creativity and courage, which has released people into greater freedom in Christ. An incredibly helpful workshop led with great clarity and energy by Helen, that I would recommend to church leaders, or to anyone desiring to better know themselves and others.” Rev Craig Ogden, Plentylife Anglican Church, Melbourne, Australia.

“My wife, Deborah, and I are Ministers at Intermountain Conservation Camp in California, USA. This is a minimum security facility which is part of the California State Prison system. Helen accompanied us in April of 2018 and did a Shame/Honor Resilience Workshop with the men. It was exciting how the men responded to this and received revelation that they could go free from the shame of their past and build resilience.  Her style of presentation was very connecting and the men entered in by responding with their own thoughts and feelings. They trusted her, and she brought hope to the men.  I would recommend her to minister this message to your group.”  Rev Ron Friese, House of Prayer, California, USA

“Our group had the privilege of having Helen come along and deliver the Living Courage course over 4 weeks – Wow! – we were blown away! The depth of content each week was challenging, inspiring, startling and encouraging. We have taken several weeks to unpack all the content since the course, there is so much to process, on a personal level and as a group. The depths of the teaching and how the research mostly sits with ‘common sense’ which sits with the Word of God. We have grown in our ability to be vulnerable as a group and this has been extremely beneficial for us all. I would thoroughly recommend this course for anyone who isn’t satisfied with the superficial, anyone who seeks to understand more of God’s heart for authenticity and anyone who seeks to love and care for others in more helpful ways. ”  Katye Kitchen, Lay Leader Diamond Valley Baptist Church, Australia.

“We had the privilege of having Helen lead a day of ‘Living Courageously’ recently. It blessed many and was a turning point in identifying what was holding us back in living in full abundance of what God has for us. She helped us to become aware of what is happening in today’s culture and how it can shut us down spiritually and bound us up emotionally. The day was engaging and fun. Helen shares from her own journey, and passionately offers the gold in which she has discovered in her walk with Christ.” Greta Dench, Leader of Women’s Ministry, Melbourne, Australia.

“I’ve enjoyed pondering: He came as a Big God to make a Big People for a Big Moment in history! We are here for NOW!”

“Unpacking the ideas in this course is dynamite! As a result of this course I have made a life decision to come out of my little hidy corner and face up to vulnerability courageously. To not give into fear anymore. This has been tremendously insightful for me.”

“It was a treat indeed! Extremely amazing, insightful, encouraging and so gentle Helen’s teaching. His presence plus food for the soul and mind. Thank you Helen.”

About Helen

Helen Goatley   BA, Dip Ed, Dip Theol, is a inspirational thought provoking keynote speaker who carries a huge heart for God. As a young girl growing up in a missionary family, Helen encountered the presence of God and His love for her in a dynamic way, this personal love for Jesus now infectiously permeates Helen’s teaching. Helen loves expanding people with hope into a deeper encounter with the presence of God and their destiny. Helen brings with her years of experience in Education, Anthropology and Leadership. Recently studying under Dr Brene Brown of University of Houston. 

Mark and Helen, are the Founders and Directors of All4Him The Tabernacle an International Christian Ministry focused on inspiring people to create space to experience the Presence of God and providing training for Groups, Leadership, Management or Staff Teams within Business, Christian Ministry or the Education Sectors.

Helen has created an online Training School  with students from all over the world studying with her. These Short e-Courses equip people to cultivate spiritual, emotional & relational transformation in their lives. The Living Courage Series is available at her Training School.

Mark and Helen also provide Spiritual Consultancy. Mark’s expertise is in Leadership and Business, carrying many years in Executive Management.

Why do they do what they do? Because Mark and Helen believe in people. They believe in Big people. They believe this is a Big Moment in History. They believe in a Big God and together Big people partnering with a Big God change the world.

In 1997, Helen and Mark stepped into full time Christian Ministry, beginning in Pastoral work then with Wycliffe Bible Translators and YWAM. With their son, Joel-Mark they have lived in Russia, Australia, Germany, Israel and USA. Helen enjoys painting, snow shoeing and music.

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