You’re Getting Your Voice Back


Prophetic Vision

In worship on the weekend, I saw a vision of God’s people standing with the jaws of darkness and death opened in their face. Unspeakable evil, unprecedented fear and threat roared, leaving many shocked, shaken and bewildered. 

For a generation this was the first time they had experienced to such a degree this level of brazened darkness and deep fear. 

And then as they whispered their worship, a gentle sound from heaven was heard. It was the voice of their Father in heaven, “You are getting your voice back.”

And they whispered their worship again, and then a bit louder. Their Father in heaven said again, “You’re getting your voice back”.

And then it happened. The jaws of darkness and death pushed back roaring again. But this time, their roar seemed a little dinted, just a little bit less intimidating.

A whisk of faith shot up quickly, clearly, seizing the small dint in the roar. Experiencing this God’s people worshipped again.

Without pause, they worshipped again

and again

and again

and again

surging steady in volume with every word

With every surge of worship, the Father in heaven moved with them and ahead of them.

And then knowing they had their voice back, they surged in worshipped one more time, their unison deeply connected to the realization that the gift of faith was from Him, and in their unison highest praise came forth. It was tender, real, humble, grateful.

And their Father in Heaven strode forward arms positioned in ‘DONT ARGUE’1. and the jaws of darkness and death saw Him and wilted in dread. Panged with the fear of God, the jaws instantly closed, silenced they disappeared.

And I heard again the words, “You are getting your voice back”.


  1. “Don’t Argue” is an action that an Australian Rules Football player takes when he is intending to keep hold of the football while keeping the play moving. The player will reach out with his free arm and push with great strength into the chest of his opponent coming hard at him, forcing him to fall back and away. It is a highly acclaimed action due to the proficiency of strength needed to successfully perform this action.
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Are you struggling unusually with fear or maintaining hope and direction? Do you want to hear God clearer?

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