YOU are Not Up for Debate


Always with change, be it a little change or big, our identity gets another work over.

The relentless message of “you’re not enough and there is not enough” pounds away at our current identity as we navigate the transition.

It is in facing honestly the conversation we have about ourselves that we find a new encouragement and a new opportunity for growth.

Jesus encouraged us that “The truth sets us free.” (John 8:32) Truth is not for the faint of heart, but truth is for the heart!

He adores our humanity. He is not afraid nor surprised at our narratives of not enough. And it is in that space, his love will upgrade and affirm who we are.

Our enough is not up for debate. Our worthiness is not something we negotiate. If we go through the world looking for proof we are not enough, we will find it!

The truth of who we are, our worthiness, our identity is not an eternally determined thing. It is a truth we have chosen to settle in our hearts. A truth from His affection and honor of us.

That is never up for debate! That is the gift change gives us. In whatever change faces you today, ask him, “Who am I to you Papa God?” To receive that is to receive his affirmation for the new that is before you!

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