You are Enough

As we grow our spirit, we will also be invited to grow and mature in our soul too. 

Our soul maturity shows up as we rumble with such questions as how do I navigate mystery, disappointment, delay or failure in my faith journey with God? What is my value for creativity and vulnerability when God changes the season? How do I live in a shame based western world culture and not be of that pattern in my thinking, my relating, my heart thoughts? How do I walk in honor with others vs off load my pain, shame and blame onto others? How do I own my story and write it rather than be unconscious giving it away for others to write?

There is no doubt, life is a journey! To hold this perspective is kind.. and real. What we don’t know today, we may know tomorrow.

Grow in spirit yes. But grow in the soul realm too! Be kind to yourself, grow! Don’t be afraid of change. It is your best friend. Own your spirit and soul, its part of your beauty and gift to the world, and right now the world needs you!

A leading Socialogical researcher recently said, “We are at a turning point in history, that should not be minimised or misunderstood. When I look through 200,000 pieces of data my team & I have collected over the past 16 yrs of research, I can only conclude our world is in a collective spiritual crisis.” Dr Brene Brown, November 2017.

We live in shifting sands where we need both spirit and soul maturity. We live in an atmosphere of accelerated change whether we want it, like it or are seeking it. We do not get to opt out of change. This is a turning point moment in the history of mankind, and in this context, we live, we matter and all that God is stirring within us matters.

“You are responsible for the energy you bring into a space” says Jill Bolte Taylor. This is not only true of each of us as individuals but also as a generation.

This “I pray, that your love may abound still more and more in knowledge and all discernment.” (Philippians 1:9) Isn’t it interesting? As we choose to step further into love we begin to abound in knowledge and discernment, this is going to put tension on our soul maturity.

This is the essence of growth. Growing in our soul health and maturity balances us. Real spiritual maturity can’t exist without it. Faith without works is dead. We are invited to the work of love and that will grow our soul maturity! 

You are enough for that! Your presence, your journey, your choices for growth, matter. They occupy a space in a crucial time.

May we never be afraid of growing. Father God help us to grow in spirit and in soul! Encounter us with your great love Jesus! In Jesus Name and for the name of Jesus.

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