Winning Your Life and Leadership – the battle with Significance

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What’s your greatest fear as you think of the new year? For many according to research, it’s the fear of being ordinary. 

Deep in our humanity is embedded a desire.. “I want my life to have meaning, significance.”

It has propelled us to reach for the stars literally, to stand for beliefs and causes, to birth entire new technologies, arts and even nations.

In so many ways, this drives the very reason why we get out of bed in the morning. We know if we really are honest and authentic with ourselves we want to have an impact, we want to make a difference, we want our days and efforts to have meaning.

We want to do more than consume, we want to contribute.

We know instinctively we were made for significance. This is at the heart of our lives and of our leadership, because this is a deeply human issue.

One that Jesus died to answer. The cross of Jesus did more than the revealing of our sin. Underneath that sin, the cross revealed our worth. It was this that drove Him. 

The level of authority and person sent by God revealed our level of our worth and value. It has always been that the level of authority and person sent by a King, Dignitary, Prime Minister or President, reveals the level of significance and honor of the one they are going to. A king does not send a kitchen hand to another King.

When the King of the Universe sent His son, the Prince of Peace, it revealed your value and worth. It took God sending Jesus, son of God and God himself, to reveal your immense worth and significance!

This underpins everything for us as human beings and leaders. Leadership comes out of who we are. Winning the battle with significance is colossal for our lives first and then for our leadership.

It was for Jesus. He was not exempt from this battle with significance. He fought it as the ones who saw Him grow up in Nazareth said, “Is this not Jesus, the son of Joseph, whose father and mother we know? How can he now say, ‘I came down from heaven’?” (John 6:42)

Anyone that has been used significantly, has had a battle with their significance.

Striving for significance however will undermine our significance. We are never significant because we want to be. Jesus modeled in His own journey with significance, that we become significant because we are and do what God says. (John 5:19)

Pure simple obedience. He spoke, we believe it, we do it. No-one may have seen our obedience to Him, but it was noted and recorded in Heaven. 

We were made for meaning, for impact. We were made to disciple NATIONS. But it always begins with the battle with our significance.