Why stoop for small things when we have a big God?!

“Some people come to God with only a very small idea of His fullness, & a lot of people are satisfied with just a thimbleful. I will not stoop for small things when I have such a big God!”
Smith Wigglesworth (1859-1947)

“We maintain our sharp edge as we recognise our need & passionately pursue Jesus. God is a God of new things. Hungering for Him requires us to embrace the change bought on by His new things. Being in a place of great need enables a person to detect when God is doing something new.” 
Bill Johnson (1951- )

The Lord keeps saying to me, “I will come like the rain.” Two things create hunger:
1. Hearing & seeing what someone else has
2. Not having it yourself 

These two men quoted above were or are currently seeing God’s fullness expand in their lives & their worlds to phenomenal levels. The result of that is quite frankly world changing. Hearing their testimonies makes me crazy hungry.

But I am also challenged by God’s word. Acts says, “And God gave special, unusual miracles by the hands of Paul, so that even handkerchiefs & clothes that had touched him were taken to the sick, & their illnesses were cured & evil spirits left them” (19:11) & 1 Kings, “So Elijah DID WHAT THE LORD HAD TOLD HIM. He went to the Kerith brook & stayed there. The ravens brought him bread & meat in the morning & meat in the evening..”(17:5-6). This is a day of increasing creative miracles by God. Cause this is what a good Father does when the ‘normal means’ shakes or disappears!

 I am pursuing this because this is what drought can produce!

Are you ready for this?