Why are we here?

We had a local Intercessor and prayer warrior at our house on Saturday night, God seems to have these people strategically placed in cities, praying and interceding, changing outcomes at the will of the Father. We certainly know of some in Munich, Tubingen and in Adelaide and many other cities, now we have met some of God’s prayers here in Denver.
While he was here He asked God for a word for us and also why we were here. Here is the picture that God then gave.

When I inquired of the Lord for something He had for you & simultaneously asking why you were here I saw the following:

I saw Jesus standing over the landscape and He was very large: towering above the surrounding countryside, big and tall enough so anyone in this region could easily see Him.  You both were standing on the ground like in an open field and He was standing directly over you.  You were not visible, rather engulfed inside of him on the ground.  He was absolutely glorious and shining like gold brighter than anything on earth … literally radiating His Glory in indescribable splendour.  I felt the Lord saying this is a picture in the spirit realm of what you are bringing with you here, i.e. Jesus in all His true Glory and Splendour for all the people to see Him … not you, nor anyone or anything else, but Him.

That is it, and of course not “it” because there’s so much more about this than even I could imagine or conceive of!

Thank you for being faithful … I pray He keep you in Him always, giving you a love for Him and out of that His Bride that is pure, unspoiled holy as He is.

We are greatly encouraged by this picture and we believe it is a great picture of Tabernacle. Centring and focusing on Jesus and what He does, not on man and his efforts.

‘God who has called us is Faithful, He will do this.’ 1Thes 5:24

For more scriptures on God doing this see http://all4him.org/scripture-prophecy/he-will-do-this/