Who’s controlling what you’re thinking?


Prophetic Vision

I awoke. Immediately I saw a sea of people walking around. On top of their heads growing out of their skulls were citadels and towers, these had formed into strongholds and castles on their heads.

I became aware immediately of a constant chatter that was being heard over and around their heads and hearts. It was incessant. Madening at times. When any individual gave agreement mentally or in their heart to this atmospheric chatter, a brick was laid on their head eventually blending into their very skull. Brick by brick, agreement after agreement, citadels and towers erected on their heads. 

The chatter each individual heard had a sound which held an edge not unlike their own voice. 

The chatter was dense with suggestions, what if speculations, random ideas that all threatened the security and worth of the individual. Lofty philosophies and structured thought patterns infiltrated and laced the chatter. All these held a conclusion that God is small and powerless, and so they might be.

This chatter was crafted and targeted, but lawless. The whole scene resembled a war zone. The response of each individual was instinctive. Grabbing at certain sounds they liked to hear in the chatter, hoping it would provide protection and security for them.

As I saw this picture I perceived that this chatter had escalated in the atmosphere over the past few years. Under the enormousness of the barrage, agreements had been made profusely. 

At first these citadels and towers sat conveniently, seemingly kindly and enticingly on their heads like crowns. But as brick after brick piled on, their weight began to eat into their skull, irritating the flesh and skull bones. Eventually the weight became very heavy, tormenting not only their heads but their minds. Now those bricks of agreement protruded clearly through their words and tangibly in their behaviour.

Then I heard a beautiful, considered, voice of many waterfalls that knew the origin of things. It spoke over this sea of humanity with a deep peace. He said to them, “Although you live in the natural realm, your war is not in this realm. Don’t wage a campaign employing human weapons, using manipulation to achieve your aims. Instead you can have spiritual weapons which are energized with my divine power to effectively dismantle the citadels, towers and strongholds behind which people are hiding.”

While the voice of waterfalls washed over the sea of people, many of the minds with citadels and towers were closed and hardened. When they heard these words, I saw a veil had covered their minds and hearts, it had not been lifted from them, for it only lifted when they were joined to this voice.

Others however turned, and while citadels and towers loomed from their skulls, they had heard a different sound. In this sound, they knew hope, they knew dignity, they knew a different realm, perceived a greater authority.

He continued now to the faces of those turned towards him, “You can demolish citadels of argument including deceptive fantasies that oppose me and you. You can breakthrough every arrogant attitude. These attitudes have formed a centre of power in minds, like a castle on a hill. They defy the true knowledge of God. Like prisoners of war, capture every thought and INSIST that they bow in obedience to me.

As His words fell upon them, hearts opened and minds choose curiosity, and as they leant in and agreed to His words, veil’s dissolved. They saw what could not be seen before. They saw the voice of many waterfalls and with each glance, a brick fell from their citadels and towers. 


We are human, but we don’t wage war as humans do. We use God’s mighty weapons, not worldly weapons, to knock down the strongholds of human reasoning and to destroy false arguments. We destroy every proud obstacle that keeps people from knowing God. We capture rebellious thoughts and teach them to obey Christ.”

2 Corinthians 10:4-5

Do you feel like quitting? Or struggling unusually with maintaining hope? Feeling frustrated and not clear in direction? Do you need to hear God clearer? We live in more than just an earthly realm, we live in multi realms! So is this you or something you are discerning?

You are not crazy. You have a gift. Many leaders agree this is one of the most urgent and needed gifts right now.

So how can you take another step towards mastery in discernment? How can you get clearer in what you discern? How can you hit the mark better in prayer and your life purpose? How can you identify what is in what realm and partner with what God is doing?


In this Discernment and Atmosphere’s Mastery Class we will

1. Identify through the Scriptures, how we have been made multi-dimensional beings living in multi-realms

2. Define what is our positional authority

3. Practice discerning and hearing from your place seated next to Jesus.

4. Build on your next level ability in discerning between what is soul, what is spirit.

5. Practicing discerning and shifting atmospheres – Identifying how God is increasing your ability to recognize His voice and what He is doing.

– Includes FREE PDF Downloads

FREE! This is our gift to you! We feel such an urgency in our spirits for people to get upgraded and supported as they develop in this gift that we wanted no hindrances for you.

What Others Are Saying?

“What an incredible session this is Helen. Thank you so very much. As I was walking with some of my team early this morning discussing what we have learnt, we will now walk with greater purpose and understanding as we put into practice what you taught us. We are now better equipped having learnt such powerful insights from your teaching. Thank you so very much.”

– Lyn, Pastor, Australia


“I loved this course. Helen is very articulate and her knowledge and presentation was superb. Incredible!”

– Sue Malcom, Prophet, Australia