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Where to live???

September 20th, 2009

It is 1:44am where I am right now in Denver Colorado, and 5:44pm back in Melbourne where my body clock still thinks that I am. So I am awake although I really wish that I wasn’t.

I have been pondering the question “Where to live?” Not so much where here in the city as we haven’t seen it yet or gotten any sort of feel for the city, but in this in between time of our home in Australia being sold and us buying another over here, I have been, to be honest, struggling with letting go of our life in Australia and trying to embrace, at least the prospect of a life here in Colorado. Do I even want to live here?

I know the promises that God has spoken to us and over us about this season, and I will be rereading those, but something wonderful happened tonight. Helen had woken before me and when she saw that I was awake she said she had just been blessed by reading Ezekiel 47:1-13. So I read this passage and then The Lord took me to the Psalms and especially Psalm 46:4. I was so Blessed and my eyes were taken back onto the Lord and what He was up to instead of me and my circumstances. I just felt centred again and a great calm returned to me.

So where do I want to live? In the scriptures and in the presence of the Lord hearing His voice and being in His presence. That is my desire and I honestly believe that the best way to find favour with a King is to trust Him and to do as He asks. At least this is my belief and why I am here now in Colorado, it is because I Love Jesus, and honestly trust Him with all that I am and have. I have spoken out many times to many people that ‘I honestly believe that God can do a better job of running my life than I can.’ I stand now in Faith of this belief, looking to God for His answers and His provision.

Thank you Jesus I love You.

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