When the Universe Calls

Working in a soul sucking job


Experiencing loss







“The universe is not short on wake up calls. We are just quick on hitting the snooze button.” 1. 

And then what?

I was visiting a relative last week and they shared how they had been out walking. A neighbours 9yr old son was playing out front of his house on the footpath where they were walking. 

Suddenly the 9 yr boy ran into them with his bike. Then he did it again. My relative asked him not to do that as it was hurting them. He did it again. 

Looking up and appealing to the mother who sat looking at her phone, the mother responsed in dispair, “I just don’t know what to do with him. All the rest of his brothers and sisters I could parent but not this one.”

We all know that feeling of being utterly lost and the powerless feeling of not know where to get help. The universe is definitely not short on wake up calls and appealing to our need for upgrades! 

So what is calling on you this year? God has answers, and that’s our power, we are NOT ALONE!!! There is more available to us that just ourselves. 

The message of humanism shouts it’s just you and what you know! 

But we are sons and daughters of God who have 24/7 access to an eternal and supernatural God. Where we end, He continues! 

So don’t hit the snooze button when the universe calls. Connect with His Presence. 

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  1. B. Brown, The Gifts of Imperfection, Hazelden Publishing, 2010