What’s in the way of you advancing in life and leading? Free PDF

Marcus Aurelius was the last emperor of the Pax Romana, the golden age of the great Roman Empire which had conquered the then known world. He made this statement, “What stands in the way becomes the way.”

Ironically what stood in his way amongst many things were Christians. Despite a significant life saving incident on the battlefield prior to his reign where he saw praying Christians save his army from dying of thirst, persecution of Christians increased under his reign.

He knew that whatever we tolerate, dominates, and so did the Christians he persecuted.

Both Marcus and the Christians of this period, knew it mattered what stood in the way of their lives and leadership.

There will always be challenges, in fact it is these challenges that determine leadership. It is these challenges that can become defining moments of destiny for us.

What stands in the way, doesn’t have to stop us nor does it have to become the way we live and lead. A leader understands this.

Great leaders can recognize what’s in the way not only in their organization but also in their internal struggle to show up and lead. Great leadership makes choices to do what is hard, right and courageous rather than what is comfortable and easy. And when they do, they advance who and what they are leading.

So let’s get practical. We have put together a quick Life and Leadership Check, drafted it onto a PDF and made it available to you for Free.

This is about identifying what is in the way of you advancing.

What we have listed are some of the results from thorough research with global companies who identified work behaviors and organizational culture concerns that got in the way for them. But this list is more than simply what shows up in the work place, what underlies them are deeply human issues. They show up in our homes, in our faith communities, in our sporting clubs. These are issues that Jesus spoke to the heart of over and over again in his leadership.

As you consider the year ahead, what’s in the way of you advancing in life and leadership? 

Enjoy our quick Life and Leadership Check!

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– 1. Enjoy mastering deeper awareness and consciousness of God’s Presence. Developing a culture of leading centered on the Presence of God (Rom 8:14)

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3. Effective Supernatural leadership requires cultivating self-awareness, knowing you identity in God, developing a leaders mindset, valuing self care for the long haul, harnessing the power of boundaries and accountability, and maturing your prophetic discernment for reading the times and seasons

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