What is the story that God is telling?

We all have a story.

A tale of triumph. Of tragedy. Pain. Glory. Intrigue.

My story is probably no different to yours. Its themes, it struggles the same, yet the way, the circumstances different. We all have our ashes. We all have our beauty, & we can all have joy.

What is the story that God is telling?

He is telling us something in these days. He is telling us something about himself, ourselves & of a greater story unfolding.

You see our stories, our personal tales of triumph & tragedy, weave into a larger story. This is part of the beauty & joy. This is part of community, of family, of Kingdom of God.

The story that God is telling, is really all about him. The irony is that it is not about us, but about who he is & what he can do.

Threads run thru the tapestry of our lives & they often begin when we are young. His nature shows its hand when we are young, very young.

There is a truth, a truth about God. Would you, would I, be prepared to live a journey to find this out?

The challenge of this journey that I embarked upon was that it had to be traveled his way, not mine.

This still remains the challenge. Perhaps even more so now than when I first begun.

In our story are answers. Answers for a generation that God is now forging. Answers of his glory, his majesty, his victory, his goodness.

There are declarations to be made. Revelations to be spoken out, triumphs to be had.

Your story matters. My story matters, because in them there is something important God is saying… and this is the point.