What does God use to birth the New?

God will use whatever He wants.

He will use & move you to places & circumstances to bring on the birth of His purposes. We do not see with eyes of the natural, we see with eyes of the Spirit. God takes us to a level where we can see what He does.

But only if we turn down the noise level & sit at His feet. Such was the choice of Mary when Jesus came & visited. Strategically this preceded Lazarus being raised from the dead.

We are being called to contend with God for the birth of His purposes. Contending is an aggressive thing. On the emblem of Australia, the Emu & the Kangaroo appear. Uniquely these two animals cannot go backward, they only know how to move forward. Moving forward is about contending. Arguably, one of the greatest challenges is contending for moments to sit at the feet of Jesus.