What do I do with emotions? What are they telling me?

Neuroscientist Dr Caroline Leaf states from research that every type of emotion has one of two roots – love or fear. They cannot coexist.

We are either ‘in love’ or ‘in fear’. Love casts out fear or fear casts out love. (1 John 4:18)  Fear is a mortal enemy to love.

We were actually made for love not fear. Love is powerful. Fear is a powerless mindset.

People aren’t themselves when they are scared. I know I am not! How about you? Love makes us shine and gives space for us to be fully ourselves. Isn’t this what we encounter every time in the Presence of God? Pure Love. Absence of stifling fear and true freedom to be fully alive, fully ourselves!

Our emotions give us important information. 

Next time when you are in emotion, ask yourself am I in fear or in love? It will give you an idea of what presence you’re in.. the presence of love or the presence of fear. 

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