What are you recognising?

A few weeks ago I was sitting with Father God & He shared some thoughts with me. I share them with you for your discernment in the hour you are walking in.

“Beloved recognition is such an important element in my Kingdom.
Recognition of seasons, moments, events, people. (Ecc 3:1, Matt 10:41)
It is an essential of parenthood.
As you look in my face, my eyes, my Word;(Rom 12:1-2)
recognition is sharpened, cultivated, formed.
This is a time of love.
For freedom is given, granted & taken by my Spirit (2 Cor 3:17)
In the soil of freedom & honor, love grows.
There is a new recognition that is part of these days.
An emerging
A rising.
Sons of God revealed. (Rom 8:19)