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‘Welcome to the REAL’ – Morpheus 1999

June 12th, 2009


When is something real? Helen & I have been working towards applying for visas to live and to base All4Him the Tabernacle from out of Denver in the USA, we believe God has asked us to move there.
It has been a long journey as I found it quite hard to get good visa information, anyway.
About a week ago which was about a week before our scheduled interview at The US Consulate God said to me “Mark you will be granted these 5 year visas” at that point I chose to believe that it would happen, that our visas were granted in the spirit and it was just a matter of walking out the steps to see them eventuate in the physical. Yesterday at the conclusion of the interview the guy said to us “I will grant these visas they will be forwarded to you in a few days.” Were they real then?

In a few days we fully expect to have our passports back with the visas in them.
But when is it ‘real’ that we have our US visas? What are we basing real on? When God said that they would be granted, was that the point? Or when the visa guy said that he would grant them, is it OK for me to put more faith in what he says than what God says? Or is it only real when our passports have the visas inside them? Or when we have our passports back with the visas in them?

For me a week ago when God said that the visas would be granted, it was then that we had our visas there were still some steps to go through, if we hadn’t turned up for our interview I don’t believe we would have had US visas miraculously appearing in our passports, there were some steps to follow through with in the physical world even though they had already been released in the spirit. When God said that they would be granted, He ‘spoke them into existence’. It was certainly easier to believe this when the visas guy also spoke them into existence. “I will grant these 5 yr visas”. Why is it really easy to have faith in what this guy that I have never met before said, yet much harder to believe what God says? Will it only be irrefutable in a few days when they are in my hand, or is it irrefutable now, or last week? I think that depends on our faith.

But is was a very interesting exercise to muster the faith to live in the reality that we had visas in the real as soon as God said, that is even before our interview as what God speaks into existence always happens.

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