We are watching God turn the tide

We are watching God turn the tide on a generation

One night this week I saw a vision. The presence of God has been so tangible this past week. He is pursuing us this season, lean in for He is delighting to encounter you.

In the vision I saw the tide of the sea. It had hit that set moment when the tide was switching. The vision began here. The tide was turning and had begun.

With each wave the tide pressed further up the shore. Not only did each wave push deeper onto land, the frequency of waves crashing on the shore increased more and more quickly. It was not the normal pace, it was double timed.

As I saw this I kept hearing Victor Hugo’s words over and over,

The vision turned to a bush fire. A massive, roaring fire storming its way over land with power and force unstoppable. With this bush fire came a rushing wind blowing embers 20kms ahead of its front sparking more fires.

Fires I saw appearing everywhere all at once. Everywhere I looked spot fires growing quickly in the rushing wind of the greater front looming. The spot fires merged quickly together engulfing land that was dry, browned and lush with old feed. It could not be stopped.

Jennifier Eivaz says, “God does not ignore the continuous prayers for revival in a nation. He will respond with power.”

We are watching an awakening of the likes never seen before. God is turning the tide on a generation. It struck me immediately in the vision that when the tide turns on shore, it can’t be unturned.  

Can you not see the very atmosphere over people’s minds changing? What was a fog veiling the dawn of a revelation of God is lifting. God is revealing Himself and the knowledge of the glory of God as Habakkuk prophesied, is covering the earth. (Hab 2:14)

There is a new knowledge crashing on this generational moment. We are witnessing and experiencing the glory of God being revealed.

Shawn Bolz one of this generation’s leading prophetic voices said on Feb 13th, “I can’t help but think about Bob Jones prophecy: when the Chiefs win the USA Super Bowl it will be a sign that God is rising up his apostolic chiefs around the world to bring in a 1 billion soul harvest. In light of revival activity around the world and also darkness on the earth right now I am getting faith for this word to be true.”

On Feb 9th another leading Prophetic voice, James Gold declared, “I believe it is clear: the Billion-soul harvest Bob Jones prophesied has begun! And I want you to exercise faith for this great harvest in Jesus name!”

This is unlike anything we have seen. Let your eyes see! We are watching God turn the tide on a generation! The time of God’s idea has come!

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