Watch for Mystery


Prophetic Word

The back half of this year into the next, mystery will be a key player in God’s redemption story. Redemption is His champion song to the world, because redemption always has the final say. This is the destiny of our lives – known and remembered for what God has done in them.

Certainty not doubt is a big enemy of faith for it holds no place for mystery. Yet mystery marks the threads of His ways and contours of his countenance.

Bill Johnson says, “Being a people focused on His presence means that we are willing to live beyond reason. Focusing on His presence causes us to become like the wind (John 3:8) which is also the nature of the Holy Spirit. His nature is powerful and righteous, but His ways cannot be controlled. He is unpredictable.”1.

Mystery marks the ways of the wind and the ways of how Holy Spirit works with us at times. But always His heart always FOR us, setting us up to sing a new song.

That new song always comes when we move past certainty and reason, into mystery and wonder. It takes greater revelation to sit in mystery than certainty. 


Certainty it seems is getting a sure kick in the teeth as we walk through a time possibly unprecedented since the 13th century when the world was recovering from the decimation of the Black Plague and the Renaissance was just forming into a tsunami that would land forever rearranging humanity.

L. Rowland Smith said in 2022,

“The changes that are coming – and some are already here – are enormous. They dwarf conversations surrounding church growth strategies and better worship services. It is time to start thinking about the next two decades of change, not in terms of our strategy, but in terms of our foundational calling to be a voice of hope that is announcing a kingdom, one not of this world.”2.

Get ready for mystery to play its hand in the redemption story that God is unfolding now.

“Wrapped in the thick-cloud darkness, his thunder-tabernacle surrounded him. He hid himself in mystery-darkness; the dense rain clouds were his garments. Suddenly the brilliance of his presence broke through with lightning bolts…” Psalms 18:11-12


  1. B. Johnson, The Resting Place, Image Destiny, p. 184
  2. L. Rowland Smith, Red Skies. 10 Essential Conversations exploring our future as the church, Movement Publishing, 2022, p.22 

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