Wars… Bushfires… Wall St… giving God space

“For I will give the command and shake Israel along with the other nations as grain is shaken in a sieve, yet not one true kernel will be lost.”  Amos 9:9

We live in the era of grace. Thank God we do! In this era, God continues to shake us all. The year started with Israel in war & being shaken, & so too the nations as Amos prophesized. Here downunder, the bushfire threat esculates again this week as hot weather returns. Nationwide the effects of being sifted are being felt. This is what times such as these do.

I was in the shops the other day & the attendant said to me how refreshing it was to see the kindness of people in the midst of this incredible tradgey that now has claimed over 200 lives & over 2000 homes. She looked at Joel-Mark & I, & said how comforting it is to see kindness emerging from people as we raise children in this society.

There is always the good to emerge in the shaking. Perhaps ultimately this is the very heart of God. Good. He is good says the Bible. He is good, and all He does is for good. I see his goodness in this verse, when He says, “Yet not ONE true kernel will be lost.” Not one lost.

Jesus Christ the hope of glory, is emergin in us during these times. Christ in us. We are His tabernacle..His dwelling place and He is wanting to emerge. He is wanting to be for us, what has been lost, eaten by the locusts or shaken from us. He can & will be what He claims to be… everything! This is now an opportunity to discover that!

In these times of shaking, we are invited again to give God space to discover him in this. God said to Joshua, “Since you have never travelled this way before, they (the Levitical Priests) will guide you. Stay about a half mile behind them, keeping a clear distance between you & the ark. Make sure you don’t come any closer.” (Joshua 3:4)

It struck me how needed it is that we give God space to move. It is easier to see something like an ark when there is a bit of distance. It is a reminder that God asks for space in our lives.

God is moving, worldwide. He is taking us to a place we have not been before on a whole lot of levels. Ultimately, he is taking us to that place of Jesus’ return. He wants us ready… hence part of the purpose of the shaking.

At no other time in the history of the world has their lived so many people on planet earth as now. Of this number, 40% of the world’s population remain to hear of Jesus. Jesus said that when the gospel had been preached to all the world, then He would come (Matt 24:14). We have never been this close to reality. Some mission agencies are talking of finishing as organisations within years.

Jesus is coming. He wants us ready & sifting is one way we can get ready.

He is good. Jesus in us is emerging. Let Him have space to emerge.