Warm Springs

We have just arrived at Warm Springs, Virginia, USA.
It was a bit of a harrowing trip, we left Los Angeles just half way through our jet lag recovery then flew another 5hrs across the states jumping a further 3 hrs in time arriving late at a hotel and then driving over 4hrs up here to the mountains. Once we finally got to bed I had the most unusual experience. This house is set apart, the furnishings and layout are very very tastefully done. It is very clear that the intent is to extravagantly Bless, not to be done on the cheap or mass produced. As I first entered the house I got a sense that it was an Alabaster Jar, a lavish gift for the Lord. The house sits on a property that again has been set apart for God, with an Inn and conference centre on the adjoining property, all of it is set apart for the use of the Kingdom.
Anyway as my head hit the pillow I felt this warm sensation on my neck then a few minutes later I felt the same warm sensation on my spine, at the same time I also felt the sensation of being embraced by the Lord, like what I have only previously experienced in Tabernacle Places. I enquired of the Lord what was going on and I believe He said to me, ’Don’t fear this is Me I am doing some healing here.’

So what a wonderful experience to find such a set apart place, where the heart is to see people in ministry blessed with rest. We have shared our heart for Tabernacle here, that also here there would be a place set apart not for people but for the Lord, a place where people could go to seek His face and hear His sweet voice, a place that is set apart just for Him.