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Bequests – Inheritance

Bequests are gifts from an estate after the death of a person. Gifts of this kind allow people to provide for and bless ministries even after their death. Often Christians will want part of their estate to be gifted, either a set amount or a percentage to go towards furthering the work of Christ here on earth.

All for Him the Tabernacle is all about encouraging people to create ‘space’ in their lives for Christ. If you would like to include this ministry in your bequest through your will then in advance we say thank you. We invite you to specify where you would like the gift to go. We want to honor your intentions for the gift.

There are three main categories:

1. To the ministry of All for Him the Tabernacle. This is the main account of the ministry where all ministry costs are drawn.

2. To a fund for the purchase of property. It is our dream and vision to open a centre where people can come and stay for a time, drawing away from the busyness to the intentional space of a Tabernacle to worship, minister & hear the heart of God.

3. To the personal support of Mark & Helen Goatley. Mark & Helen are the pioneers of this ministry and have been living solely by faith support / gifts since 1998.

To wherever this money is most useful. Your gift can be given for the discretion of the ministry to distribute as it seems fit at the time.

I carry a dream within me that gifts/inheritances could be given to enable this ministry to be able to purchase houses outright and to give them to full time missionaries. Because we are in relationship with so many missionaries there are several that I know that would be hugely Blessed and enabled and financially released by this type of gift.
I also believe that this type of inheritance from Heaven is totally appropriate for those that have laid down their lives and pursued Heavens agendas rather than their own, not accruing finances but giving their time and days to Heaven’s bidding. Here I am talking about people that have laid down their lives and gone wherever God has asked, especially cross culturally.

I do not believe that a Christian in his home country earning a wage is the same as a cross cultural missionary. Especially financially I believe and have personally experienced that these are worlds apart.

**A note to mention is that All for Him the Tabernacle gifts 10% of all bequests to other Christian Organisations or Christian individuals living by faith.

Please see a solicitor for the actual wording especially if the gift includes stocks or property. We have included one basic example here below.

May our Lord bless you richly with His Presence and Grace


Example: “I give and bequeath to All for Him the Tabernacle –
the sum of $_________  or ____% of the balance of my estate after all of my debts have been settled, to be paid free of duty and applied for the purpose of All for Him the Tabernacle.”

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