I watched Tom cruises new movie Valkyrie on the flight home from London.

During our time in Germany I was again confronted with and reminded of the fact that God isn’t finished with the German Royalty. As we sat with some of them for many hours on this trip I felt the prompting of God that He was up to something here. My hunch is that it has to do with providing an alternative Godly leadership example within Germany, or at least a Godly reference point for other leaders to come to.

Then on the way home I watched this film and here was Colonel Claus von Stauffenberg of the German royal families involved in the leadership of and being the one to attempt to carry out this assassination attempt on Hitler.

When Helen & I lived in Germany we would not watch Hollywood movies of World War 2 as these were always from the victors ie America’s perspective. Ie ‘Germans bad, Americans good’. God had asked us to go to these people and to live amongst them and to be involved in calling them up to their potential and calling in Jesus. A very big part of this is to walk in the freedom of God’s forgiveness for past sins. Especially the sins not performed by this generation or in many cases by their parents either but by even earlier generations. World war 2 ended more than 60 years ago now. Yet constantly in the newspapers Nazi stories and every new movie was still saying ‘Germans bad’, this message has well and truly gotten through, I can tell many stories of how and how destructive this has been.

It was so refreshing to see a movie that showed Germans who disapproved of Hitler’s actions attempting ‘in an almost impossible situation’ to do something about it. (The attempt cost all of them their lives). Ie the plot was ‘Some German’s good!’ What a refreshing change, the German people are people too.

Over 5 years Helen & I based out of Germany and I can personally testify that we met many wonderful German people. Also that many that we met had wonderful faith, surpassing the faith and Godliness that we have seen from other nationalities, Helen & I learnt much from them.

I want to strongly challenge the Hollywood endorsed all encompassing view of ‘Germans Bad’. Hitler was actually an Austrian, yes their fathers did atrocious things, yes this is true. But God has very big end time plans for Germany and it’s people, the Fatherland has a big role to play and the royalty of that country are still there and in place for a reason, let’s have a view bigger than we’ve been spoon fed by movies. I want to come in line with what God is doing and saying about these people and I can testify that these leader people have a big role to play, I encourage and welcome their input, and am glad to call many Germans close friends.