Trust in the midst of change

We’ve been pondering change. Change is here again as Covid restrictions shift or lift across the nations. 

The dance with change is something we can’t opt out of. It is a collective change as much as it is personal. 

Change is tiring. Change puts tension on our ideas, expectations and values.

Change is emotional and spiritual as much as it is physical. 

When we move into change, vulnerability, fear, uncertainty and risk litter this terrain like stones on a road. 

In a world that works hard at insuring itself against uncertainty to maintain comfort and control, change is an intruder. 

But change is also exciting. Change birth’s new. It invites us to upgrades in how we see God, how we see ourselves and how we see the moment we are in. 

We’ve proven we can do massive global change. The internet was a global change we all had to navigate. And it has bought the gift of connection in this Covid season on an unprecedented scale. 

Change brings us some of its greatest gifts. Like what do I do with vulnerability and fear when they mount on our horizon like forming storm clouds?

How do I or we as a society navigate uncertainty? Can I identify how I do change or does change simply do me? 

Taking responsibility for ourselves in change is courage. Choosing how we dance with change is brave. God created us to be the head and not the tail to be wagged by it. 

Easy to let fear take or be our voice. Easy to blame others for the discomfort this dance of change brings. 

Fear and hate are human reactive emotions. They are also spirits. And they want to be loud voices in our world enticing us to move outside of our best selves and what we really value. 

There is an invitation in this hour of change again, who will we trust in this “new normal”? Our fears, our hate, our discomfort or God? 

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