Trains & trumpets

train_crossing.jpg Last night we were hanging out with some dear friends. Around 10pm I began to hear the sound of dinging as from a train crossing. I also heard mixed in with this the whistle of a train. It was clear & repeated. The sounds repeated consistently for about 15 mins & then stopped.

I recognized quickly that the sound I was hearing was in the realm of the spirit. Amazing how people can hear vividly in the physical what is being sounded in the spirit.

The sound was so clear, so consistent.

Last night was also Feast of Trumpets (also known as Rosh HaShanah – Jewish new year). While these feasts were given to Israel, they were known as “God’s appointed feasts” (Lev 23:1). The Hebrew word used here is “moed” meaning ‘divine appointment’.

Interestingly this same word is used for ‘marriage’. Over the years I have observed that at the time of the ‘feasts’ there is a marriage that often goes on as heaven’s agenda of love, connects on earth.

Blowing shofar.jpg In this ‘divine appointment’ of Trumpets, the Priests blew the trumpets. The sound of trumpets communicated four things: calling the people together, moving camp, alarm of war coming & to signal Feast times & beginnings of months (Num 10).

In all occasions, movement was required upon hearing the sound.

There is a direct correlation between movement & divine appointments.

And last night the picture was full of movement & sound.

I sense that for some of you reading, you are experiencing a crossing or you are being asked to wait. Be encouraged for at train crossings, at least in Australia, there is plenty of sound to aid you & direct you. Sound is heard both from the crossing & the train coming.

There is a sound being released from heaven today. Your heart will know it. For those who are the ‘sons of God, God has sent the Spirit of His Son into our hearts, crying “Abba! Father!” (Gal 4:6) Be encouraged though you might not understand the sound yet, you hear it.

Movement is coming. Sound is evidence of that!

The love of Heaven is sounding on earth.