Todd Bently -Florida outpouring

Please first read the July 17th entry and the endorsements given to Todd.

I received an Email yesterday from God.TV confirming that Todd had separated from his wife, I have just checked the fresh fire website and it confirms this, then very sadly a quick look at some Blogs on the internet to see many people ‘sticking the knife in’ to Todd and what happened at Florida. Why the ‘christian’ world does this I do not know.

I distinctly remember one speaker in my time at BCV The Bible college of Victoria, he was a guest who just spoke the one time. He told us that he had had the honor of being present in the Pacific on three separate occasions when revival had broken out, he said each time it was different and that the one very sad common thing was that on each occasion the established church missed it. It seemed that we had ‘god’ so defined that we were closed to any other expressions of Him. I distinctly remember at that time vowing to myself that I would never be so closed or proud of my thoughts or theology that I would shut out that which was different to my preconceived ideas.

I fully admit that when I first saw Todd this was a struggle he is ‘out there’ but you know what he is an American ministering mainly to Americans, so my reserved Australian opinion is extremely irrelevant. I received an Email from a western Australian pastor a couple of weeks ago and he was ‘warning’ people of Todd and what was happening in Florida. The guy had not been to Lakeland, he had never met Todd yet here was a mass Email throwing unsubstantiated doubt and suspicion all over Todd’s name, why would Christian leaders do this? If you don’t particularly know anything why say anything? Why throw muck? I suppose it is pretty hard when there is nothing supernatural or reflecting the presence of God happening in your church it is very confronting and threatening to have someone claiming that people were being raised from the dead and that people were getting out of wheelchairs and there were thousands of medically confirmed healings. Thousands.
I don’t want to rant or rave here just to say I saw the very strong personal endorsement of Bill Johnson, who said that he knows Todd and the family and his ministry well and personally and that IS enough for me. This is endorsement is available to listen to from look for the June 22 podcast and the actual commissioning can be seen on look for the June 23 meeting.

So let’s actually stop and pray for Todd and his wife. Prayer points can become gossip columns. There are casualties of front line battle here, do people sometimes take bullets when they find themselves on the front lines. YES I can personally attest to that. So let’s find ourselves in the group Loving and caring and supporting showing compassion, not the group that thinks a cheap shot and a few bad words will in some way lift them up or promote themselves. There will be many people throwing mud and saying ‘I told you so’. I want to be one found focusing on the God of the move not the man God used, and I want to clearly state that if the man of the move is found to be human and vulnerable, who should be surprised at that? The God he loves and proclaimed isn’t human or vulnerable. Thanks Todd for standing up and proclaiming loudly and with enthusiasm the name of our King.

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