The ‘Worth’ of your efforts

Today I was out in the backyard and I received this download. It was about life or the purpose of life. We are just back from our trip to the USA and well, money was on my mind as we are a long way short of covering the costs for the trip at this point. I really have been OK with this. I believe God said to me while we were in the US that this was the posture that He wanted us to have there. Well we are back now so I really am ready for God to get us back in the black.

As I was thinking about this I believe God asked me to consider our neighbours on both sides and what they do with their days that make them and what they do worthwhile. I realised that the main reason by far for both of them is simply based on money. What they do during the day they do so that they get paid, this is what makes them and their efforts worthwhile. All of the efforts of our work trip to the USA had taken us way backwards financially. I realised I was looking at the wrong goal posts. If I left money as the marker of success and my worth, then the trip was an absolute failure. I felt God invite me to think about what we had done on this trip which was make heaps of friends, encourage heaps of people, and be greatly encouraged ourselves, let alone receive impartations and everything else that went on plus of course the multitudes of things that we will never know about. Putting these up as the goal posts, make our trip to the US an awesome success.

The conclusion I have made is that if you are going to live by Kingdom principles and not the rules of the world then you must also make sure that you get your worth from there as well. The enemy was attacking by getting me to look at what the world says is success. I didn’t aim at that goal & it is very OK that I didn’t hit it. Thanks God for reminding me what I have dedicated my life to and what Your markers of success are and what they are not.