The glory of His jealousy

Weight is an interesting experience when it comes to God.

Just today, as I waited on Him, His weight started to descend upon me physically.

Before I knew it, I was face down, prostrate (meaning completely laid out). I could hardly move, let alone breathe. His presence was heavy, thick, weighty. There was absolutely no way, I was going to move, let alone want to move. His weight rested on me.

As He lay his weight upon me more, both my hands begun to burn sharply. Though this was well & truly not the first encounter like this, it was however all the more intense.

He begun to share with me some of His great passion, heart, zeal & jealousy for His Bride. His whisperings were from the very centre of His heart. These were holy, intimate reflections from the core of love itself.

I was completely undone & in awe.

After about 4 hours of this, I crawled out of the Tabernacle on all fours.

Let’s just say that I remained not far from the floor for the rest of the day.

The word glory in the Scriptures means weight. It is what He is. The Glory of God relates to His presence & it is a weighty thing, literally.

Yet how weighty is His great undying love for His bride! How jealous He is over her… over you, over me. Jealousy in Hebrew means to be intensely interested in the honor, the purity, the prosperity of another.

God’s jealousy over His bride is related to the journey of holiness. In crucifixion, our old way of thinking & acting is dealt with. Our heart of stone, full of lies we’ve believed, is taken away. In resurrection, God’s holiness (a renewed mind & way) is called forth in us as He puts a new heart & a new spirit in us. (Ezekiel 36:25-27)

A holy bride is the Father’s desire for his Son, our bridegroom. For it reveals His glory.
And that is a weighty thing!