The Weight Has Shifted FOR you

Prophetic Word

I saw old school scales and they had moved. The tilt of the scales had shifted to the opposite side. And I heard “The weight has moved and it has moved FOR you.” Where there has been a weight resisting, now the weight had been moved FOR. 

I sensed this was happening right across the nations. Just as the pandemic came and was a weight on the nations, now the scales had moved and the weight was FOR the nations, specifically FOR God’s people in the nations.

God does not abandon the world and all He made. He wants the world to know Him. He is making Himself known in this weight transfer. 

I saw the weight was of blessing and responsibility. God does not want his blessings and responsibilities to break us but to aid us to arise and shine championing His glory and His love. 

I heard Judges 3:1 “The Lord allowed some nations to stay in Canaan. He would use them to test the Israelites who had not yet fought wars in Canaan. He wanted to teach the young of Israel how to fight their enemies, because they had not fought battles before.”

Learning how to contend and fight the enemies of our hearts to keep them pure is a key theme in times of preparation. Leaning into process so we can harness the skills and bigger mindsets needed to steward what He is releasing. 

Proverbs 11:10 says when the righteous prosper, the city rejoices. Cities want to rejoice again and that literally happens when the righteous prosper. 

George Washington said, “It is impossible to rightly govern the world without the Bible.”

The Bible is Jesus in print. Jesus is our righteousness. We are the righteousness of Jesus and it is His righteousness that teaches us how to manage the weight of resources including the management of ourselves and our hearts.

God is renewing and expanding your thinking in this season of contending and it will be needed now to steward with wisdom the weight of resource and blessing He is bringing. 

Hold your confidence in Him and in the things He has taught you. 

“You caused judgment to be heard from heaven; The earth feared and was still, When God arose to judgment (to rule), to deliver all the oppressed of the earth. Selah.”  Psalms 76:8-9 


President Roosevelt on Jan 6, 1941 said in his now famous State of the Union address, the following words, “I have hope for a future that would encompass the 4 essential human freedoms, which includes the freedom from fear.” 

His words echo in the hearts of a growing number globally. People are getting tired of feeling afraid and being told who they should be afraid of. 

So how do we live connected, authentic and successful in our leadership and teams?

I believe it is going to require a value and determination to courage. It is our way home and the fruit most demonstrated in Bible when the Holy Spirit came upon a person. We are not going to build strong healthy counter culture faith communities, businesses, classrooms or families without it.

Living Courage Series is made up of 4 key modules that build a culture, mindset and leaders of courage, connection and authenticity.

Module 1 – How to Live the Power of Vulnerability 

Module 2 – How to Master Emotional Intelligence 

Module 3 – Effective Shame and Honor Resilience 

Module 4 – How to Breakthrough Fear and Master Courage 

What Others Are Saying

“This training is one of the most significant marker moments in my life and leadership. This will empower our culture to much more effectiveness and will change how people experience us and what we do here.”

R.THORPE | Youth With A Mission, Canberra, Australia