The Needle will break the porcelain.

Spiritual breakthroughs.

As Christians we can tend to try to measure our effectiveness or worth by some very earthly standards. As Helen & I have been reflecting on our time here in Germany, it has become clear to us that what God asked us to come here and to be a part of doing had far more to do with the spiritual world than what it did with the physical world. We have noticed since God said, “Job’s done here”, that all of a sudden little Tabernacles are poping up everywhere. We are hearing of people setting them up all over Munich, Germany and beyond. We have just come from spending an afternoon with a lady where we noticed a new CD player sitting on the floor which plays worship music 24/7, and God’s presence is welcomed, invited and celebrated in the whole house. Last night we shared a meal with some Mission leaders in the city who have set apart a room for God,  a Tabernacle. Then  we heard  from  friends 50km’s  out  of Munich  who have also done this, and of course Prince Michael and Princessin Phillipa who had a dream from God the night we were staying in their castle, that they should set aside an area, ‘a Tabernacle just for Him’.

It has dawned on me that this cascade of Tabernacles is because something has changed in the spiritual relm over Munich and Germany. ‘The needle has broken the porcelain.’ The word was given to us in the last part of 2004 here in Germany that “the needle would break the Porcelain”. I believe that this has happened. God has broken through and things are now releasing and being seen in the physical because of the changes in the spiritual.

How cool is that! Have your way God! Have your way!