The Hammer is Coming Down on Your Road Blocks


Prophetic Dream

I had a dream this week and in it I saw a hammer coming down from heaven. It fell down just once hitting a rock which was clearly hand hewn, yet was growing like an organism.

I was aware there were two dimensions that were forming this rock – one was clearly man made and the other was by spiritual activity.

The square like rock was situated in the middle of a road that was being travelled on. This road represented the time in which we are now living.

As the hammer hit the rock it broke into many pieces and dissolved to dust. While the dust caused some visual impediment for a moment, the road was cleared.

I remembered Jeremiah 23:29,

“Is not My word like a fire?” says the Lord, “And like a hammer that breaks the rock in pieces?

The hammer of God word is coming down.
The rock in this verse relates to a fortress or stronghold. I believe the Lord is highlighting to His people that He sees them and their work is not in vain, and they will see His hammer come down removing things which have become strongholds or fortresses standing in their way and the way of His Kingdom.

We are in the realm of God right now. His glory is descending.

Don’t be concerned about the dust, it’s proof He has just broken to bits strong-holds and fortresses. The dust will settle.

I felt a strong encouragement from the Lord of Hosts that thankfulness is an important partnership with Him which will guard your faith.

Thankfulness actually releases chemicals in our brains to ready us for connection. Isn’t it interesting that thankfulness releases us into His presence (Psalm 100:4)? 

Bill Johnson says, “Keep your list of blessings longer than your list of needs.”

His Hammer is falling and rocks will be removed.