The Greatest Influence as Culture Flips Again

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Controlling spirits will try to shame you into silence.

Do you feel controlled in what you can say or not, what you can do or not?  Do you feel like there is a battle going on to keep you silent? 

While there is a spiritual dimension to that which must be dealt with, there is also a human, cultural dimension.

We live in a shame based culture now, where shame is being used as a social justice tool, a controlling tool. 

Dr Brene Brown who has spent over twenty years in social research says, “I think shame is a tool of oppression. Humiliation, berating are tools of hurt. They’re not going to be tools of justice. It is cruel and cheap.”

Shame is a human emotion as much as it is a spirit and a culture. When we speak of culture, we speak of a way of seeing and doing life. Shame as an emotion says “I am bad. I am not enough.”

The sad thing is that when we don’t take responsibility for ourselves, we will not only feel that message of shame on ourselves, we will try to off load this onto others. That is why wherever shame is running, blame will also.

We are called to be counter culture! We are called to be leaders of a different culture. 

A culture of hope that prophesies the goodness of God into situations void of it. 

God always has a good word to say about us. “Only goodness and tender love pursue me all the days of my life.“ (Psalms 23:6 TPT) It’s His goodness that pursues us, not His shaming of us. 

He speaks to encourage, build up, and to bring comfort (1 Corinthians 14:3) not to break or control people or nations.

As we listen to His good word about us, our nations, this moment in history, hope and truth are always laced on His goodness, and that always dignifies us. At the end of the day it has always been that those with the greatest influence, are those who speak hope.

Shame cancels you out. Control silences you. Jesus releases your voice! 

What does living courageously to our values look like especially in our Western culture that is highly saturated with fear and shame? How do we maintain connection with each other in a world where disconnect rules? What is the power of vulnerability and how do we create resilience so everybody in our team shows up? How do we lead cultures where authenticity and wholehearts define us? How do we do this personally or corporately?

You will be inspired and equipped practically to live courageously spiritually, relationally and emotionally.

Industry Awarded and one of our most popular trainings, Living Courage consists of four foundation stones to building courage as a life-style and culture.

The four modules are:

  1. The Power of Vulnerability
  2. Living Emotionally Intelligent
  3. Building Powerful Shame and Honor Resilience
  4. Breakthrough Fear and Master Courage

What Others Are Saying

“Helen displays a wealth of knowledge on how shame and fear affect relationships and individuals. Her presentation was insightful, developing the connection between Sociological research on shame and vulnerability and the spiritual impact on individuals, communities and nations. She worked with our group articulating the problems currently facing our culture and indicating a number of ways forward into resilience, wholeheartedness and courage.”

J. EVANS | Teacher, Donvale Christian School, Australia