The Great Re-Think

I remember so clearly the bountiful release of prophetic words in 2019. All of them seemed to have a similar theme.. God is doing a new thing.

No one imagined that the grounds for His new thing to grow in, would be a global pandemic.

We continue to see and feel the wash out this side of the pandemic.

During lockdowns people had time to ponder and reassess what they want. What they thought they wanted before has now become hollow, says latest research from Business Review Australia.1. 

People are reconsidering what gives life meaning. They are now ‘career crafting’ – aligning their work responsibilities and future careers with what gives them meaning.

This review revealed that in Australia the average length of time in employment since the pandemic, has been 6 months.

People are serious in their reflections and decision making around what is life now and how do they do their work? They are re-thinking their careers and the point of them.

They want “to be seen as a person rather than a worker. They want to like or love their work. They want to feel respected” said Dr Amanda Ferguson, Organizational Psychologist.2. 

What are you re-thinking?

God wants to re-think with you!

We are in the midst of a significant times and season transition this month and mantles, gifts and callings God is accelerating now.

Right now represents some of the most exciting days and opportunities. He wants to re-think with us. He wants us to know more of why we are alive, and what we are alive for!

Don’t pass this moment up. Dream with Him. Let the creator, create more in, with and for you! 


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This is a space for you to grow, sort, be as you journey in this Great Re-Think.

From Mum’s and Dad’s to Leaders, Pastors, Teachers and Business Owners, Mark and Helen will hold this space for you.

Mark and Helen are often asked for advice or specific prophetic mentoring. The consultancy relationship requires trust and respect. Investing in your growth through consultancy is an effective way of progressing in your goals, gifts and connection with God and others.

 Our consultancy process is trusted, transformative and transferable. Ideal for meeting your Professional Development requirements if you are in Education, Business or Leadership