The God we love.


In the Bible names are very important. They tell you a lot about the character and destiny of the person; this is why God was always consulted as to what to name a child after all it is He and not the parent that knows the future and destiny of a child.

God has also revealed Himself through many names in the Bible.

The one that is getting my attention at the moment is:
The LORD of Hosts (Heb. YHWH/Yahweh-Sabaoth): The name designates God as the ‘creator and leader of the angel armies of Heaven’ (1 Sam. 17:45).

I am finding pondering on this name is helping my view of God. Not weak, not Grandpa on a throne in the clouds but active and powerful as a matter of fact, very powerful and competent. It helps me defeat the Greek thinking that wants me to believe that I am superior to God or that the works of God on the earth are only done through man’s efforts. What foolishness ‘The creator and leader of Angel armies’ who is our loving God is so involved and He has the whole picture in His view. Only a fool or the decieved would not be listening for and looking out for the actions of ‘The creator and leader of Angel armies’. Then to balance this with ‘God is Love’. Yeah! What a powerful friend! These are just two of the many names of God revealed through the Scriptures. Thank you God that you are so huge and beyond our understanding. Thank you that you are our friend and that you are God and we don’t have to be.