The Genius of God is at Work

God didn’t come in the way many expected 2000 years ago, but God has always seen cause and effect in dimensions we don’t. 

There is a genius of God at work right now. Trust what your spirit sees and senses. 

Our spirits see beyond the limitations of the physical. There is a perception God is developing in us. A spiritual intelligence that He is growing and maturing. 

Be ok with uncertainty and vulnerability. We can’t learn without either of them. Disappointment is not our measure and definer of possibility, it is evidence that you put muscle to your faith. 

Trust His ways, His work in your life despite what you ‘see’ in the physical realm. This is the nature of prophecy, it sees beyond what is not yet now. It sees what is contradictory to the present because it sees how your present is serving then. 

The day has awakened. The sound of heaven is being heard. 

Miracles are unfolding. Wonders are increasing. The rumble of Breakthrough is being heard. Felt. Seen. Testimonies are increasing. 

The genius of God is at work. There is another dimension to what we know. The day has dawned. 

Keep praying. Keep in the rumble. Do not give up. The genius of God is at work.