“Future may be more religious than we expect” – The Times

“In fact the future may be more religious than we suspect.

The Pew Research Center estimates that on current demographic trends, the non-religious will make up a declining share of the worlds’ total population by 2050.

If you are a secular teenager, there is a good chance at least one of your idols is a man of faith. The world is not as secular as it seems.

Recently I walked past for the first time on a Sunday morning St John at Hackney, and hearing a clamor, strayed inside to witness a huge, jubilant service. I had believed I was contemplating a ghost of the past, perhaps its was a vision of the future.”

James Marriot from The Times, May 1st, 2024

I read these words on the weekend and it was like James Marriott, Times Journalist had seen the 1983, Seer Prophet Bob Jones prediction of the Billion-Soul Harvest, particularly of youth, that many Christian leaders like Bill Johnson and James Goll believe has begun.

James Marriott of the Times is not alone. Justin Brierley of the Spectator in March 2024, wrote a similar article called A Christian revival is under way in Britain.

Pete Creig in January of this year posted research that shows Christianity is not shrinking, it’s shifting and since the year 2000, world population has been growing at 1% per annum, while the Christianity has been growing at 2% – 100% faster than the global population.

April 29th 2024 Bill Johnson shared that 200,000 people a day around the world are entering the Kingdom of heaven.

That same month in France, it was recorded that an unprecedented 12,000 people reported of a personal encounter with Christ and were baptized at Easter alone.

Now it is being reported that across the USA there has been hundreds choosing Jesus and getting baptized in pickup trucks in various Universities.

Are you seeing this?

We haven’t seen anything yet!

As people give up on secularism and walk into houses of God like James Marriot did last Sunday, discernment is going to be one of the biggest gifts and skills we are going to need.

We are going to need discernment to know what the presence of God is doing in each situation and partner with Him.

We are going to need discernment to see what is binding up their hearts and help them know how to get free and whole.

We are going to need discernment so we understand how to govern and discern between good and evil as Solomon requested of God (1 Kings 3:9).

We are going to need discernment to see the gifting and anointing of God on these individuals.

We are going to need discernment to know what is spiritual and what is soul to mature them and see them shine in their God given identity in Jesus.

We are going to need discernment to keep ourselves and our homes clean spiritually as people get free of demonic torment and deception.

We are going to need discernment to keep ourselves in the love of God and not be wooed by the spirit of age, that says ‘me is god’.

The world is realizing we cohabit the earth with a supernatural realm, we share the planet with angels, demons and the presence of God. Discernment is a gift vital for developing spiritual intelligence in our lives and our faith communities.

If you are a believer in Jesus, you are a leader. If you have any form responsibilities including parenting or grand parenting, you are a leader.

You are the head and not the tail. Everything that has been part of your journey and your faith community, God has been preparing you. You are more than you think. You matter.

A moment is realizing upon the world, it is here ready or not.

Get ready. Get discernment.