The fulness of time for a Generation

Just a week or so ago, I was sitting near the beach on holidays, when the Lord spoke this to me. I sense now to share this with you.

“Time has come to its full for many people
and many things.
These next months will see huge change and much movement for many people. Around the world a great stirring and transversing is now taking place.
Like dominos I am moving my people and bringing shifts that are setting people and events into place ready for a move and action of me unseen since the 1600’s. Such is the time.
Those who hear my voice and obey
will receive my blessing in these days.
Many I have been quietly but thoroughly preparing for this time.
No generation is missed.
And this generation is now coming to its time
Time to Father & Mother my next ones. (1 Cor 4:15)
It is now come their day.
They have sporned a revolution so different, so intense
that it will echo of Luther’s day
and before him, Paul’s day.
It is now time of great change, great upheaval, great shifts in me.”
(Word received 26 November, 2007)