The Declaration

11:15pm I cannot sleep and I think the Lord has asked me to come and write, our computer will not switch on it looks like the battery has totally died. “I’m here Mark and I’m calling you to war, I need My warrior to war tonight, and your shift is right now.”
After a time of prayer I felt God asked me to write the  below Declaration and then to release it out to our newsletter list and to post it on the web. I don’t know what will become of this but I do know that I desperately want to be obedient to His bidding. After more (coincidental???!!) technical problems here is what I have written and a glimpse of what we see God has/is leading us into.

Since February 2003 the Lord has been speaking directly to me. Hearing the voice of God and obeying it has meant radical changes in my life. Where I live, (including the country I live in), what I do during the day, how I pray, how I worship him. Oh the deep intimate worship, & how I have fallen in love with God! All of this, my whole life has so radically changed that I sometimes wonder how it is all possible. On that first day that I heard directly, I believe I heard God say the following to me:
 Tue 18-2-2003 12:50pm
—Mark I want you to know that I am going to use you. You are strong and worthy. You are a rock and you will be a bigger rock, one that people can rely on and that will consistently reflect me.
I love you and want you to rest in that love, rest in me, I am worthy of your trust, your complete trust. Rest in me, trust me.
I want you to know that the purposes I have for you will be costly, I will be there with you and for you at those times but they will hurt you deeply. I want to use you powerfully. Can I use you in this way? It will bring me great glory, if you will do this for me. YES LORD I AM WILLING. Then do as I ask you and do not doubt and do not waver, for I am your God and you are my child whom I love. Go now in peace and blessing. Do not doubt my love for you or the role I want you to play. I love you go in peace.— God

I believe God has a call on my life along with Helen, my wife to open a door for the emerging generation, to facilitate the releasing of this generation into their freedom and destiny in Christ. I believe God has placed us in Munich, Germany and I believe that we will see a “New style’ Worship centre opened there. God has told me that He is jealous over Europe, that the days of dark Europe are over, that He is over it and that He is going to reveal himself to Europe in new, clear and powerful ways. The new will not be about religion or games, power plays or insecure people manipulating others and gaining from it.
 The time is now and this is the call to the generation of servant worshiping warriors. The generation that doesn’t follow Christ in order to get a nice car and good house but the generation who is willing to follow, serve and worship the King of kings because He is King. Whenever, wherever, whatever. A generation that will not falter when it gets tough, a generation that will humble itself, seek purity and health. This is the generation that will see the return of the Lord. Yes I believe He is coming and that some very young people who are alive today will get to see His face. This is a call to the generation that will stand and be counted for Jesus. The Joel 2 army that will swarm over the hills at the command of the Father. Hindsight will show this army so flowed together because they were all individually hearing and obeying the master, foresight will show that the risk takers and kingdom shakers, were sometimes rule breakers and sometimes they just didn’t appear to be doing anything at all.

It has come to my attention that God doesn’t care much for the rules of man. The way Church, Religion & Mission should be done. His first priority is not money, it is not doing, it is not task or 9 to 5 environments where we clock off and go home. It is more about Kings and servants, surrender and worship, more of Him, less of us.
 I had an encounter in Jordan this year when I got to see first hand what it looks like when a king tells his people to make sure that my wife & I were well taken care of. The succession of very important Jordanian men lining up to see that our needs were met was astounding. Money & time were not the paramount issues, these men wanted to obey their King. I believe the Lord was showing me a lesson in Kingdom living in Jordan. There is nothing and no one that comes before fulfilling the requests of the King.

Today my wife Helen & I are walking out this calling, just humbly trying to obey everything that He asks of us. This doesn’t always look logical and the King doesn’t always explain to us why He asks us to do things. But He is ruthless & relentless about proving that He is GOOD, FAITHFUL & that He will do it. (1Thes 5:24) He is GOOD! He is FAITHFUL & He is doing it. He is also ruthless in taking out our false securities. All we need & all we get is Him.
 Helen & I have no intention or belief in ourselves that we are going to make any of this happen. This is the Lord’s task. It was His idea in the beginning and He has never relinquished control. Kings never do or should.

We see our role as stepping into the footsteps that He shows us to step into. Most things that we find ourselves doing are not the way that we would have done them, which leads to things that we do being miraculous and powerful, giving blessing and God’s freedom to people, (all His doing). They are also often extravagant, not rushed, and focused on revealing the goodness & faithfulness of God.
 The purpose of this note is to get the vision out there, to speak out what we see God doing. Although much more than a vision I see this as a lifestyle, a surrendered, servant lifestyle, where the goal is not an evangelism task, or any other good work, it is just total obedience. When the King says —Go, sit in the garden and focus on Me—, we go, sit in the garden and focus on Him, for as long as He asks, regardless of what others will think or say. Paramount is obedience to the King! I love you God! Use this as you will.

  Mark Goatley
  The DeclarationDie Erklarung