The cleaning

Today has been an interesting day, Helen & I have been very busy moving back into our home. One of the big tasks has been to empty out the room/space under our house. This is the space we believe God has indicated to us that we are to set aside for a Tabernacle, a place that will just be used for meeting with Him and not for anything else.
This room has been used to store all of our everything while we were overseas. We have just managed to get it empty in the last days. I had swept the floor on a couple of occasions, but when I went down there this morning I felt compelled to sweep it again, then I swept it once more, each time more dirt, a lot more dirt came up and away. Then I thought it needed a mop.
I knew what I was doing was not only physical but also Spiritual, as I listened to the Lord I felt I was to mop the floor with just Hot water, interestingly I had just turned the water heater up this morning for other (or so I thought) reasons. The water in the bucket when I was done was black, so I mopped it again, then I felt I needed to keep going and keep replacing the water with new until I could mop the floor and the water in the bucket would still be clear. Well I must have mopped the floor and replaced the water 10 times! Even though the floor had looked clean even after the first sweep, there was more there that needed to come out.
I believe that there was some serious spiritual cleaning going on, even the discarded water was significant I felt the Lord lead me to where to tip the dirty water firstly right at the top boundary of our yard and then progressively down until the last bucket was tipped on and over our rear boundary. Cleaning and claiming in Jesus name.

This morning we followed a ‘Stupid Zone’ prompt and quite impulsively purchased a Stereo for the space. This will be used solely for Worship to Jesus, the King of Israel. We believe the Lord is ready to come and fill this space. Yesterday I heard Him say to me “Mark now that you have emptied the space, do you think that I will not come and fill it?”
We love seeing what He is going to do and love what happens when you surrender All for HIM.