7th of September

A typical day???
Helen & I were in Munich, we were living in the Princess’s house. One morning after getting up we felt that we were to go into the centre of the city. We hadn’t been in for a few weeks so we thought OK why not? So we started to prepare to go in. Would we drive in or should we take the train? There was a bit of rain around so we decided we would take the train. We looked at the timetable to see when the train left and then set off.
When we arrived at the train car park, we drove around it only to find it all full. So we slowly went around again. Still all full. So we drove off down the street to see what else we could find, finally we found a spot that was about 10mins walk from the station but it was now raining very heavily. We sat in the car wondering again should we drive in? I thought, Yes let’s drive! I started the car and headed off, as I turned a corner away from the station something inside of me said, You are getting this wrong, persevere with the train.

So at the next roundabout we turned around and headed back to the train car park. Once again going past the road works that were single lane and so slow. This time as I headed up past the road works, quite quickly as I knew another train was due, all of a sudden a man on a pushbike swerved from the footpath on to the road right in front of me. So now I was doing 2km/h up this piece of road, as he slowly pedalled up the hill, with the footpath empty beside him. Then when we again reached the car park we saw the next train leaving for the city. This was the second one we had missed with all of the frustrations that had HINDERED us. Anyway as soon as we arrived at the car park this time, there in a prime position was a parking spot, just one, just for us. So we parked, leisurely bought our ticket then sat and waited for the next train. It was nearly lunch time, we had spent so much time procrastinating over how to get into town, then continually being frustrated as we tried to go ahead that the morning had gone, had we heard God right? Were we supposed to go in at all? It seemed everything was against us.

Eventually the train came and we headed into the city, then Helen & I couldn’t decide which station to get off at, both of our frustration levels were growing as we were not used to so much frustration when we were trying to go with the flow of the spirit. So we got off at Marienplatz, only to realise as soon as we did that we would be better off going to Munich Hauptbahnhof (Main Train Station). So we waited then jumped onto the next train going there, we were hungry so decided to buy some rolls. Once we were at Hauptbahnhof we looked for something decent and found ourselves out on the street again not finding what we were after, eventually after walking halfway around the station (it is a very big station) we found a good shop out the front. Now finally we had our rolls, but there was no where to sit to eat them, just super busy, people everywhere so again we started looking, eventually on the other side of the street after going down underneath the street through an under street shopping centre we found an uncomfortable rail to sit on. Not perfect but it was good enough for us to quickly eat our rolls. As we sat there two bites into our lovely fresh rolls a Sightseeing bus pulled up right in front of us totally blocking our view and then the footpath filled with people from the bus. All of a sudden we were in a crush. I looked down to where the busses normally stop but two other busses were there so this one had stopped right in front of us. What a day!

Then suddenly from this group of people there was a Hallo Mark & Helen. From out of this bus two people from the TOS church 250km away had stepped out and seen us. The lady (Petra) then told us that she had hoped she we see us in Munich today (Greater Munich has over 3 million people) and that she had even asked God that she could meet us and in the shower this morning that God had said to her that she would! She was so encouraged that she had heard God and well ‘Here we were’.

Petra went onto tell us how she had felt God had led her and her daughter to take these holidays in Munich and how He was speaking to her about her future. It was very encouraging for all of us. After they had gone, I reflected on the man on the bike, getting off at the wrong station, no parking places, rain when we were about to walk, fine weather now, such difficulty finding something for lunch and then somewhere to sit and eat it. God had placed us right in that place right at that time, stopping the bus 80mtrs from its normal place just cause He wanted to encourage some people, that they did hear from Him and that He did care.
Lord you can use us like that anytime, have your way Oh Lord.