Stand in Your Spiritual Authority!

7 years ago a International Christian Leader here in Australia said something that so resonated. They said, “The greatest and most urgent need in the church and in our lives is for the gift of Discernment.”

This is no more true now than it was then. There is no lack of opinions and experiences that can leave us wondering. The world has changed. Especially now. 

So when we come to this gift of Discernment, 
first and fore-mostly it is a call to a conversation with God 
and a gift to recognize His Presence, His person.

This is the basis, the lens for how to use this gift. We are always looking for Him and what He is doing.

We will discern a lot of things today as we move through this day. Information including spiritual, is coming to us in so many ways. Spiritual data is constantly being computed. What do we do with it? 

Discernment gives us a way to see what God is doing.
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