Speaking and Training for Groups, Leadership and Teams in Business, Christian Ministry or the Education Sector

Mark and Helen’s reputation as speakers is built on their rich deep connection of being lovers of God’s Presence. They bring tremendous honesty, experience and insight as thought leaders, story tellers and have a rare ability to inspire and move audiences leaving them with actionable change. They love to bless and encourage people!

About Mark and Helen

Helen Goatley BA, Dip Ed, Dip Theol, is a inspirational thought provoking keynote speaker and consultant who carries a huge heart for God. Her personal love for Jesus infectiously permeates Helen’s teaching. Helen loves expanding people with hope and encouragement into a deeper encounter with the Presence of God and their destiny. Helen brings with her over 20 years of experience in Education, Anthropology and Leadership.

Mark Goatley  Dip Theol, is a story teller and holds enormous insight and heart to help people walk in and embrace their destiny personally and corporately. Mark carries an Apostolic anointing, he has a wonderful way of sharing the Biblical message of Rest and Presence. Mark’s expertise is in Leadership and Business, carrying many years in Executive Management.

Mark & Helen are the Founders and Directors of All4Him The Tabernacle an International Christian Ministry focused on inspiring and providing training for Groups, Leadership or Staff Teams within Business, Christian Ministry or the Education Sectors. 

Helen provides Professional Consultancy and Training for Leaders, Christian Communities and Organisations. Helen is recognized as a Supervisor for Leaders by the Churches of Christ Victoria/Tasmania and The Baptist Union of Queensland. 

Helen has pioneered All4Him Online Training with hundreds of students from over 30 different countries around the world. Workshops, Courses and Memberships equip people especially leaders to cultivate spiritual, emotional and relational transformation in their lives and leadership. Helen is part of the Australia and New Zealond Prophetic Company.

Helen is the Author and Trainer of the well sort after Professional Development Series Living Courage and Experiencing the Presence of God. These trainings are offered Live and also by All4Him Online Training.

Why do they do what they do? Because Mark and Helen believe this is a big moment in history. They believe in a big God who makes big people to partner with Him in bringing His Kingdom on earth.

Mark and Helen for over 17 years have aligned themselves with Bethel Church Redding, USA and are members of the Bethel Leaders Network. In 1997 Helen and Mark stepped into full time Christian Ministry, beginning in Pastoral work then with Wycliffe Bible Translators and YWAM. With their family, they have lived and established the All4Him Ministry in Europe, Australia and USA. 


Honorarium Guidelines 

Thank you for your enquiry to the ministry of All4Him. As All4Him works with many different streams of the faith, in many different countries we have learnt over the years that different streams honour visiting speakers in different ways especially financially. 

Honorariums can vary from $0 to $2000+.  Some streams for the service given to speak will give an honorium and also take up a love gift offering for the speaker. Others will give a small amount that does not cover expenses incurred nor the amount of time given by the speaker. 

Mark and Helen are faith based in this Apostolic Ministry, meaning that they are not paid a wage by an organization or denomination but live from regular monthly and one-off financial contributions given by a team of individuals. They do require an honorarium and in the case of travel, costs covered.

Sadly a model often used of say nothing regarding an honorarium gives unnecessary stress for a fully faith based ministry, especially when significant costs are incurred by them in preparation and travel. We believe clear in kind. 

Stewarding our call with excellence is our core value, we do this in the context of a world where money is required to live and function. Therefore All4Him Ministries requests that some communication is given regarding an honorium at the time of invitation. 

Thank you. We look forward to serving you and championing God. 


Topics Mark and Helen love to speak on include:

* The Goodness and Presence of God

* Courage

* The Power of Connection – increasing your spiritual, emotional and relational intelligence

* Building Shame/Honor Resilience personally and corporately

* Building Cultures of Faith

* Leadership Development

* The Power of Intercession and Worship

* Understanding the Times and Seasons we are in

* Developing Cultures of Honor as a lifestyle

* Power of Story

* Rising in Destiny and Identity

* What and How to Hear the Voice of God – Developing the Prophetic Gift

* Culture Shifts and Discerning Atmospheres



Conference Speaking

Helen Goatley is a dynamic thought provoking keynote speaker who carries a huge heart for God. Helen’s reputation as a speaker is built on her ability to explore topics with tremendous honesty, warmth and encouragement.

As a young girl growing up in a missionary family, Helen encountered the presence of God and His love for her in a dynamic way, this personal love for Jesus now infectiously permeates Helen’s teaching. 

Helen loves expanding people with hope into a deeper encounter with the presence of God and their destiny. She has a rare ability to move audiences and leave them with actionable change.

Helen brings with her years of experience in Education, Anthropology and Leadership. Helen studied at The University of Melbourne, La Trobe University and Melbourne College of Theology. Trained in Leadership at Bethel Church Redding, USA. Helen has also studied under Dr Brene Brown of University of Houston, USA



As Heard at…

Munich Prayer Conference, Munich Germany

Kincraig Church of Scotland, Scotland

Elsau Connect, Switzerland

Catch The Fire Church, Melbourne Australia

Freedom Fellowship, Denver USA

Deeper Still Conference, Denver USA

Experiencing the Presence of God Conference, Nhill Australia

PlentlyLife Anglican Church, Melbourne Australia

Summer Institute of Linguistics, Melbourne Australia

Wycliffe Bible Translators, Melbourne Australia

You Tube

Aglow, Australia

Udemy and Thinkific Online Learning


What others have said

“Incredibly insightful and you will go away with many things to think about on vital issues relating to your situation or organisation. Helen is engaging and enthusiastic – you will not be disappointed.”

DAVID WAKEDeputy CEO, Wycliffe Bible Translators, Australia 

 “Thank you Helen for being the catalyst to ignite our hearts on the adventure of all adventures. You have offered access to the Tree of Life. You exposed shame in a way that will allow a continued journey into the ways we clamor and gorge ourselves on the tree of knowledge as a result of shame. You invited us back into the design of Genesis 2 that we do have access to thanks to the work of Jesus, our High Priest on the cross. The years you have cultivated deep deep down in Him. Humility that is authentic and stable. You are in our hearts! ”
ANGELA TOTH | Project Restoration Ministries, USA


“The passion, inspiration, and challenge from Helen’s speaking is so encouraging. There is a depth in which Helen presents and a whole genuineness.”

G. DENCH | Leader, Plantshakers, Australia

“Thank you so much for your message at Deeper Still Conference Helen! I cried as your message touched the very essence of who I am! Thank you for providing a sacred place for the Holy Spirit to come and touch lives, minister and show us the next step in the journey!”


“We are still swelling from our FEAST with you. It seems the fruitfulness you served us has settled deeply and already begun to nourish our hearts. Stunningly you take these treasures you have skilfully mined of gold and gems and surrender them to others. Thank you for lavishing the wealth and riches of secret places on us. We love the freedom you walk in and give permission for.”

DALE & AMY EBEN | Directors, Seventh Mountain Ministry, Castle Rock, USA

“Incredibly anointed contemporary teacher and teaching! Helen’s heart for people and the Scriptures is so amazing!”

CHAN WAI | Teacher, Australia

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