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I was inspired the other day, I was watching a ‘Wiggles Space dancing’ DVD with my son. They were talking about Space and what was out there, The Wiggles answer was ‘well, Space’. Then it dawned on me, that in creation the thing that God made the most of, by a huge amount is Space, ie nothing and emptiness. As I pondered this I was impressed by the importance of space to God, and humans seeming inability to be able to handle it. ie give an average human an empty room or space or empty time and they will just want to fill it. Space is so important for us to be able to encounter God, clutter and lack of space is death to being able to hear His voice and dwell in His presence. This applies to time as well, business is also death to intimacy with God.

What is important to us we make space for, sometimes though space is stolen. I have just returned from a trip to Adelaide, we were Blessed to be able to stay in two homes as we travelled, both had large LCD TV’s in the lounge area which was open and flowing into the kitchen and living areas. Both had the TV on a lot. In Adelaide it was on before we got up and it was still on when we went to bed. It reminded me of a visit to a pastor’s house here in Melbourne just recently where again the large screen TV was on. We were invited around for tea, yet before and during the meal and after the meal the TV was on and blaring.

Helen & I work very hard on the atmosphere that we live in, we not only have worship music playing 24/7 in the Tabernacle space we also have it in our home. Our sons room has had 24/7 worship playing every night of his life, we have maintained this on many trips and in many countries. This I know makes us very sensitive to atmospheres that we are not in control of such as shopping centres and other people’s homes. Grace is required as you enter other peoples ‘space’ but it also makes you aware of what people allow to have such a dominate influence.

What are you choosing to fill your atmosphere?