Right now Helen is in Manila, her Dad suffered a Massive Heart attack while running a tour there for Wycliffe Bible Translators, he then had a second heart attack soon after she had arrived and he died. The shock of this is enormous he was fit and healthy, we are all stunned.
Then God gave me a good reminder of His sovereignty just two days ago. I was lying in bed and I heard The little voice say “check your Palm Pilot”, I thought no I know there is nothing on everything is cancelled, 2nd time “check it”, then the 3rd. So I did and there was an entry telling me to check my journal from 5 years ago 28-7-03. At the time I was really stressing out about where we were going to live this was just before we left for Germany, here is what I wrote:

28-7-03 Mark rest in Me, know My love I love you so. Abide in Me don’t strive. Rest and be assured of My love and peace for you. Know that I love you. Know that you know that I love you. Don’t compare and don’t fret I am God, remember what I told you about My created, I can sustain you, I can give you everything that you need and much much more, I have always blessed you, always looked after you. Look around you, look at your house and your car, don’t dispute the parking bill just pay it, you are bigger than that, I am bigger than that, trust Me for everything, for your home in Germany and beyond. I have someone to rent your home, someone that I want to bless through the presence that I have built into your home, someone who will benefit from living here, I want them to come to Me to come back to Me and it will happen here, happen here at Lambert st, yes I know your address, I also know your address in 2 months time and also in 6 months time and then in 5 years time. I know them all, I make all addresses, I make them all, the big ones and the small ones I make them all. Know go in My peace.

It struck me very powerfully that 5 years ago God knew that Helen would be in Manila on the 28-07-08 and that I would be here back at Lambert st. ie That Geoff would be in Heaven. I know it doesn’t say that specifically but it was very real to me. It also helped to know that this wasn’t some sort of accident that it was his time, this is how it is supposed to play out.  Very sobering. Very sovereign.

Lord we miss Geoff, we will miss him terribly but we trust you, in all and with all.