The Tabernacle

Creating 'spaces' to experience the presence of God

Is it possible to be so blind?

June 1st, 2009

I have owned this house in Diamond Creek for twenty one years now. Just 3-400meters down onto the main st from us is a reception centre called ‘the Abbey’. It is called the Abbey because that is what the buildings once were, an Abbey. They sit right beside a still functioning Anglican church.

Now in the last 7 years God has taken us deeply into the contemplative stream showing us clearly how our Christianity needs to be about Christ and what He does and has done, not about us and our efforts. (Greek thinking that focuses everything on us and our efforts and very little on God and His efforts. Yuk! I want to praise God, not me and my efforts.) We have lived in Germany and searched out and discovered ‘Thin places’ like monastery sites that have 1000 years and more of Christian presence, we have loved discovering the keys that God has revealed about how continued prayer and devotion to Him has unlocked major mission movements and shifts in the spirit throughout history.
God impressed us greatly just over a month ago when we were about as far away from here as you can get, literally on the other side of the planet both in a north-south and an east-west sense, in Northern Scotland, where we were in a church by a Loch where there has been a continuing functioning church running on the site since roughly the year 600! What a special and thick sense of the presence of God was in that place. Wow!!

On the weekend back here in Melbourne, Australia I went for a little walk over a hill and found myself overlooking the abbey, when God said to Me “yes Mark that was a Tabernacle ‘a presence place’ a place for My presence where I was worshiped, it was about Me”. I was dumbfounded, here we are pioneering this ministry, at times feeling so alone and misunderstood here in Australia, that the new world doesn’t think in the same way as the old (Europe)yet here just 400 metres from where we live and where we have established a ‘Tabernacle for His presence’ was a much older one. How could we have not seen that sooner, how could we have never made that connection, Diamond Creek has a monastic heritage, and that is where God placed us.
Thanks God that you so know what you are doing, even when we cannot see it though it is SOOO clear.

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