Sick & tired of life without His presence…

We met Boris 4 years ago in Tuebingen, Germany. He is an amazing, funny man. He is a Russian Jew. His words articulate our heart’s cry. Yours?

“Right now, God is not seeking after the people who are intellectually in first place; He is seeking after a people who are sick & tired of life without His presence. He is seeking after those who do not want to put their trust in the world, & who do not want to rely on political, economic, or religious systems. He is seeking the people who are desperate and who are seeking the One, the only One, who can give everything. These are the kind of people God seeks. These are the kind God is ordaining & is going to put into the lead of the revival that is about to spread like fire all over the earth. These are people who will allow Hm to come into their midst, who will walk with Him.

Perhaps they will not have a prophet’s understanding of everything. Perhaps they will not always recognise Him at once. Yet these very people will become new men & women because only the renewed people will become the detonators of the revival. Only those who are not afraid of being exploded will be able to explode the nations!”

(except from the Restoration of the Tabernacle of David – Preparing the way for the King of Glory. Published by Jersusalem House of Prayer for All Nations, 2005)