Sick and Tired of Being Told Who We Should Be Afraid of

I don’t know about you but I’m pretty sick and tired of the fear mantra… in the words of Brene Brown “the national narratives of who we should be afraid of and who’s the blame”.
Love casts out fear says 1 John 4:18. Last year during the global lockdown, Dr Caroline Leaf, NeuroScientist, posted this chart. Interesting what releases our happiness chemicals, specifically oxytocin, the love hormone eh? Maybe just maybe this ancient text of 1 John knew something!!??🙄
Fear as an emotion naturally makes us focus on self and self preservation. No doubt it is important to be responsible and careful in our physical hygiene. Love looks out and thinks of others. As we do that oxytocin kicks in and we feel better. We feel happy. This looks after our spirit and soul hygiene.
Maybe your in lockdown. Maybe your in restrictions. Instead of talking, thinking about yourself and pondering on the crappy fear narrative. Try one of the suggested hacks for kicking in the happiness chemicals.
Hebrews 3:13 says “while it is today, encourage someone”. Dr Leaf suggests give a compliment. When we do such a simple thing as that, a bit more fear gets kicked out and a bit more love comes in.
Change the narrative. Take a look and have a try!
Rant over.

What Others are Saying

“Unpacking the ideas in this course is dynamite! As a result of this course I have made a life decision to come out of my little hidy corner and face up to vulnerability courageously. To not give into fear anymore. This has been tremendously insightful for me. It was a treat indeed! Extremely amazing, insightful, encouraging and so gentle Helen’s teaching. His presence plus food for the soul and mind. Thank you Helen.”

L. POWER | Teacher, Australia