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Sacrifice is about who is God

June 23rd, 2009

It was Sunday morning & we were preparing the house for an open inspection (as we are selling it) before we headed off to church. I was rushing through the lounge room trying to find my beautiful 3 1/2 yr son’s jacket as we headed out the door. As I did, the lyrics of a song playing, arrested me. I was so profoundly impacted that I actually was bought to a screaming holt in the middle of the room.

The lyrics echoed again. “This is such a holy time.”

I looked out the window at the rolling green hills sparsely covered by grazing cows & felt the twang of pain that this would soon no longer be my home.

Then the words echoed again. “This is such a holy time.” And I knew the fear of God in that moment.

Holiness & sacrifice are related. Holiness is something that belongs to God, something set apart for God. Sacrifice to the way to holiness – to belonging to God.

In fact in the Old Testament when God gave the 10 commandments to the people of Israel defining them as His people & a holy nation, He immediately reminded them again that they were “not to make anything to be with Me – gods of silver or gods of gold you shall not make for yourselves.” (Exodus 20:23).

Nothing is to be with God. It is not a case of God AND….

After stating this, He then gave them instructions for the building of an altar. It is to be made of earth, it is for Him, & its purpose is for the sacrifice of offerings. (Exodus 20:24).

I have observed in my own journey that at EVERY stage when God has called me to move with Him, it has always involved sacrifice & in this sacrifice, I have had to define & determine again who’s God!

Sacrifice is about who is God.

You see before you can enter a new season in Him, He must know who’s God.

Because nothing is to be with God.

He is jealous for you because He loves you. It’s about Him having more of you. He is jealous for his dwelling place, His Tabernacle, YOU.

The altar was always the first thing encountered at the entry of the Tabernacle & temple. It is the place where something we love & cherish was given up for something we love & cherish more.

It’s about the fear of God. And the fear of God comes through such holy times. The time of sacrifice is a holy time.

When God calls us to move with Him, when He calls a season change, it will it seems, inevitably involve sacrifice.

“The sacrifices of God are a broken spirit, a broken & contrite heart – these o God, you will not despise.” (Psa 51:17) The Hebrew word used here for ‘broken’ means to “bring to the birth, crush, hurt, destroy, tear.” (“shabar”)

How true this is! For when God calls us to a new thing or a new season, He is in affect calling forth the birth of something new. This is what sacrifices to God are.

Ultimately, He, is the very thing that is being birthed in us.

For the journey, the sacrifice, the call, the task, it’s not about these. It’s about Him & Him being known as God in us & to us.

Sacrifice is about who is God & this is such a holy time.

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