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Ancient Wells Tours

Touring this planet to discover the Spiritual wells of God

What new and deep discovery is there just waiting for you?

Here are 3 options for you…

Bethel, Redding California – A new well

Are you prepared for your Christianity to get a whole lot bigger and more real?

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Here is one for the spontaneous God lover/chaser.

This is the sort of trip that may just change your life.

Helen and I have traveled many times to Bill Johnson’s, Bethel church and lived in Redding California.

Like us they hold to a goal of connecting people to Jesus, we have hugely benefited by physically being in the culture and atmosphere. We would love for you to experience that as well.

This church is experiencing a sustained revival, they are seeing hundreds of supernatural healings every week.

Join us and experience the Holy Spirit in very full on and wonderfully overwhelming ways. God as He is meant to be revealed on Earth.

 There is also ‘Alabaster house’ a set apart place just for experiencing the presence of God.

As a group we can introduce you to locals and show you around the church and town.

Interested? Questions?

Here are links to a couple of Blogs I wrote in May 2008 after our first visit to Bethel  Atmosphere of faith/Atmosphere of faith 2/

Israel – The Ultimate Ancient Well

Galilee 1.JPG

Can you picture yourself sitting on the banks of the Sea of Galilee, asking God what He had to say to you right there where He preached the sermon on the mount?

Maybe walking up to the springs at En Gedi where David cut the corner of the cloak from king Saul?

Or strolling the streets of Jerusalem and being at the western wall (Original temple foundations) on Shabbat, as you witness the Jews dancing their way down to worship and pray?

Would you like to know more about the Jewish origins of your Faith? We are planning to travel with a Jewish friend of ours that knows the land and the language, this will give a much deeper understanding of the culture, land and people.

Our ministry is all about presence, so we will bring this to the land where Jesus actually walked, died and rose again. I am looking forward to being in the Land again.

Again we will end this tour in country so you can extend your trip as you desire. Why not consider a stop over in Europe on the way home?

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Europe-Germany is calling..


Would you like to come and chase God with us in Europe?

The essence of this trip is not just to see sights, not just to meet people, both of which there will be plenty of, but primarily to be pursuing God, including going to places where there has been worship for over a thousand years and seeking God there, like Reichenau the monastery there was founded 1287 years ago.

Christianity in Europe and Germany is very different to the western nations, they have a language with words like, Monastery, contemplation, reflection, Monk, set apart, and they see the spiritual realm as much more real. This depth and these things are just some of what we will be looking at and experiencing.

Mark 1345.jpg

Like all things that Mark & Helen run, our main goal will be to be (as a group) seeking God and looking to be walking in what He has for.

So our schedule will be flexible. It is possible to be in four countries within a couple of hours. Germany, Austria, Switzerland and Lichtenstein. Neuschwanstein, the inspiration for the Disneyland castle is also in this area. Then there is West Germany.

This is a package tour, so accommodation, some meals and internal transfers will be included.

So now is the time to be seeking God and asking am I supposed to be a part of this? God do you want me to go on this trip? Thinking about it?

Why Ancient Wells Tours?

Our Christian Faith has huge deep roots. Christianity is not something that has just popped up in recent times or even just a few hundred years ago. Christianity is about us recognising our God. This huge ancient God of ours was there at Creation and before. He was there with Adam, Eve & Noah (Gen 1-5), at Babel (Gen 11) and with Abraham (Gen12). When Helen & I were living in Germany we discovered that the Bavarian people claimed decendance from Ham a son of Noah. (Gen 10:6-20) This is recorded in Johannes Aventinus’s Bayerische Chronik.

Through this and other events I have seen how we Western Christians  (Australian, American, New Zealand and Canadian) and many others have lost a lot of connection with our heritage and connections with who we are & even our connections with time. The first house that Helen & I lived in in Germany had in the basement the family genealogy of Herr Span (the house owner) going back over a thousand years. As I have shared this with other Germans I have been told that this is nothing and people have told of far greater recorded lineages. These people know who they are!

Helen was sharing at a Prayer Conference in Munich on the woman with the Alabaster jar (Mark 14), and the whole concept of ‘wasting’ things on God. At the end of the meeting a lady approached Helen and shared how she was a descendant of that very lady from the Biblical story! This family story had been passed down through the generations. Wow these people have a far greater understanding of who they are, and a very real and tangible connection with history.

Does this matter? Well when I have this discussion with Europeans they tell me that they see a huge difference in people that are from the new world “like a part of them just simply isn’t there, like they have no idea of who they are.” From their perspective it matters a great deal. I suppose we don’t miss that which we have never had.

As a person from the new world country of Australia I know that when I have been in countries of my ancestry that something deep in my soul has gone off and my spirit has soared in new ways. This has happened to me especially in Scotland and Israel where I know I have heritage.

I have felt a huge stirring in my spirit to organise opportunities for people to travel with us to some of the ancient wells of our faith that are in Europe and Israel. As I dreamed of this I envisioned taking people to places such as Bangor in Ireland, Herrnhut in Germany, the Isle of Iona in Scotland where an abbey was founded 1448 years ago (563AD) or Reichenau on the Bodensee, here a monastery was founded 1289 years ago. Yes one thousand two hundred and eighty nine years ago!

Helen & I understand that our main calling is to be Lovers and Worshipers of God, to waste our lives worshiping Him and inviting others to also worship and to do that wherever we are.

If you know of anyone who may be interested in a trip like this then please pass on this information and ask them to contact us. We love meeting hungry ones for God.

If you are even just slightly interested in traveling with us then please contact us & this way we can keep you up to date. Please also let us know the country that you are interested in ie Germany, Israel or USA.

About Mark and Helen

Mark & Helen Goatley are the Founders and Directors of All4Him the Tabernacle which is an International ministry focused on creating space for people to encounter the presence of God.

Mark came to this Organisation from Management and Pastoral experience, Helen from a career in Education.

Together with Wycliffe Bible translators they have led multiple tours to Russia, Thailand, Germany, Italy, the UK and the USA.

Since being with All4Him The Tabernacle ministry, Mark & Helen have lived in Australia, Germany, USA. They have also spent extended times in Israel, Scotland and Hawaii.

Common Questions:

What is at the Heart of your trips? Why do you run them?
Our Heart is to see Jesus Glorified and people Worshiping. Our heart for these trips is to see people connecting with God. We will be available throughout the trip and there will be debriefing during and at the end of the tour. We run them so that people can connect with God at greater and deeper levels.

How long will the trips be?
Commonly our tours are two weeks, but we also end these tours ‘in country’ allowing you to stay and extend your itinerary as long as you like.

What is included in the trips?
If you are traveling from Australia then return airfares are normally included along with accommodation and transfers.
People joining us from other countries normally get themselves to a starting point in the country and then join us from there.
We do ask that we all start and end at the same time for the cohesiveness of the group and trip.

How do you cost out your trips?
We do not make a profit on these trips we simply cover part of our costs with the fees, Mark & Helen draw no wage from the time.
All accommodation and transfers are normally included in the trip price.

How big are your groups?
This varies greatly particularly when families travel with us, but our preference is for smaller groups where friendship, discipleship and mentoring are real options.

If the tour ends in Europe how do we get home?
As we do these tours with adults we treat people as such, we can organise your return tickets back to your city particularly in Australia. People arriving from other countries will need to organise their own return tickets/arrangements to an agreed meeting point and time. This way you can add on to the trip visiting wherever you like on your return journey.

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